Viva la MEXICO!!!

Dear Family,

I'M IN MEXICO! The area I am serving in is Mexico, Missouri. And
nobody speaks a lick of spanish. bummer. But it is really great here!
The people are great and the ward is super great! I'm glad that you
got to talk to Brother Saxon. He's way awesome-- and our Ward Mission
Leader. He does a great job of helping out, so that's nice. The ward
feeds us dinner almost every night which is awwwwesome. And they were
super excited to have me come into the area because the sister that I
replaced had A LOT of health and food issues so having someone like me
who doesn't have any was really nice for them!

I'm gonna scroll back a few days to get ya'll all caught up. So last
week at the MTC ELDER HOLLAND came!! It was super awesome! He told all
of us that we had to be the best missionaries the Lord has ever sent
out. Even better than Moroni and Nephi and himself. Which was really
daunting. But then he said that he knew the gospel had to be true
because with the age change the Lord was leaving His church in the
hands of "a bunch of escapees from the Aaronic Priesthood." bahahaha.
what a funny guy.

And then I had my last day of gym, which was REALLY sad. I almost
cried. But it was really fun and then two of my gym buddies wrote me
nice notes and gave them to me on Monday. It was really sweet. I miss
those guys... er, Elders.

Then Tuesday came along and we flew out to Missouri!! ahhhh. so crazy.
I still can't believe that I'm like really on a mission. I mean, I was
on a mission in the MTC, but these are real live people me and my
companion are teaching now. It's weird. But great. And frustrating--
but we'll get to that later. When we got to the airport in Salt Lake,
I called home... that was super quick. it's cool. I understand... plus
I didn't have much to say. And it turned out to be for the best
because this other Sister had run out of minutes on her card, so I let
her use the rest of mine. And so then I was standing there, waiting
for my companion to be done talking to her mom. And while I was
standing there, this worker came up to me and asked me where I was
going and so I told him, and then he said, "I just want to help
someone out, so here." and he handed me $20! It was so nice. I didn't
even realize what was going on until he left. But I did tell him thank
you, so don't worry, Mom. And then we got on our plane and flew out to
Missouri! We went to the temple and went out to eat with President
Clark and Sister Clark and the Office Elders. That was way fun. And
then we came back and had some training.

Oh, and fun fact about my life thus far: I smell like I've been a
chain smoker for my whole life. Being a missionary opens up all kinds
of new things... So Mom and Dad, thanks for raising us kids the way
you did. Sometimes I can't believe how incredibly blessed I have been
my whole life.

btdubs. Grandma and Grandpa Leavitt: The Kellers say hello! Sister
Keller was super excited to see me because she just loved you guys!

Then Wednesday morning we went to transfer meeting. My companion is
Sister Randall. She's from Orem, Utah. Wednesday was her 9 month mark!
And yeah. That's about it.

So from your letters, hopefully I can answer most of your questions
and comment on a few things!
Mom: I got the package!! Thank you! I also just sent you a bunch of
letters, sorry. I hope that isn't annoying or anything. I love you so
much! You're the best mom EVER. Don't let anyone tell you differently!
Clancy: My P-day is Monday! Feel free to write me whenever your little
heart desires. But if you write a letter-letter, send it to the
mission home, to be safe. Also, waaaay to go! Good luck at Zone!! Kick
some hiney!! I love you!
Dad: That's awkward. I hope she gets transferred soon too. ew. But she
is a child of God. So try to hold your tongue. I'll pray for you.
Parley: I'm impressed that you can wait those three weeks! Way to be.
You should make sure you don't turn out like Jacob though... Make sure
that after all this work you actually get to marry, Ciara. hahahaha
And I can safely say, I know what a ghetto is now... just sayin...
Scott: Your letter said, "Dear Elder Condie" I had a good little
chuckle over that. hahahaha. but it's okay. I already knew that you
just used the same letter, so it's cool. hahaha. But congratulations
on the lasik!! That's super exciting!
Addie: That's disgusting. I can't believe you watched Scott get his
lasik. But I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Shaye: Where's my letter? hahaha. just kiddin. But really, how are you
doing? I hope things are going well for you! Any voice students yet?
Does Rex still love me the most? I sure hope so.

I love you all so, so much! I hope you have a wonderful week! And I
hope you enjoy the pictures I am trying to send! And Mom, I'll try to
get a more serious picture for you... sorry. It runs in the family, I

Sister Leavitt

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