Washington Ward

Dear Family,
things are going SO well! I am just loving my new area! it has been a blast to serve here thus far... you know, all five days that I've been here! But really, I'm really enjoying it here! My companion's name is Sister Vilingia and she's from California. somewhere by San Francisco. She's 19 and she's tongan. My other two companions are Elder Perkins and Elder Teixiera (tuh-shade-uh). bahahahahaha. Just kidding. But really, almost. There are two sets of missionaries in the Washington Ward and it's really a blast. The elders serve in the eastern side of the ward boundaries and we have the western side! the sister's area is HUGE geographically, but the elders have way more people.
my new district is........... interesting. it's going to be a fun transfer, I'll tell you that much! hahahaha. and my district leader is afraid of girls, i'm pretty sure. when he calls us at night he usually asks two things: 1. how was your day? and then 2. is there anything we can do for you sisters? our replies are usually, "good' and 'nope'. and then he says, 'alright, well you have a great night!' and then hangs up. hahahahaha. we'll break him in. it's only his first transfer as a district leader. he'll get there.
please excuse my lack of proper grammar. the keyboard at this library is horrid. I push the shift button and it only works about half of the time. augh. it's whatever.
this week has been amazing though! i was way super nervous about being transferred because i didn't know ANYTHING about the area and i'm kind of shy when it comes to meeting new people, so i was really nervous. well, just so you know, the Lord answers prayers and He is so awesome! my testimony of prayer and fasting has grown SO much this week! i'll tell you more about that in a couple weeks though. i don't want to get too ahead of myself in the story. (it'll all make sense later, i promise!)
oh! unlike the Sacred Grove, the church building here is a giant circle! the chapel is in the center and then the classrooms and such just go around it. it's pretty crazy. but like the Sacred Grove, i get lost every time I walk into that place! one day I'll get oriented!
i hope you all watched the leadership broadcast last night because it was AMAZING. i think i have my 'greenie fire' back. because i am SO excited to do missionary work right now! and i KNOW that i was supposed to come to washington. i am so excited for this next transfer! i'm really sad that President and Sister Clark will be leaving us this week, but I'm sure President Morgan and Sister Morgan will be awesome! Oh. I only have a year left. :( where is the time going?! I'm really excited for this next year though!
well family, here are some answers to your questions:
1. I don't think the grass had to be mowed counter-clockwise, but it did have some really weird stipulations. if you look at the picture i sent where i'm holding the paper we got, you can read what it said.
2. I live on
819 W 2nd Street
Washington MO
3. we only have 7 investigators right now-- we have lots of finding to do, but we have an appointment with a potential tonight and she's so solid she's almost a liquid............. bahahahahahahahahahaha. (just imagine me laughing at my own joke here in the Union Library.... i'm pretty funny. hahahaha)
4. we have a car. it has a bike rack. (what's a rack?) and the bike rack scrapes the road ALL. THE. TIME. it's so annoying. we're probably going to ride bikes sometimes though. i'm pretty excited.
5. I had two white handbooks and I had two Preach My Gospels, so i sent them home.
my turn to ask:
1. Uncle Berk, who is the referral for?! How are ya? You miss me don't you?... I knew it. I actually had you on my list of people to write today! So be expecting a letter soon!
2. how is california? don't tell me about the weather, because i don't want to hear it. i want to know how the IMPORTANT things are-- like how the house is coming along and how the people are.
3. how are shaye and parley and clancy? i think they might just be figments of you all's imaginations because i haven't heard from them in like 2 months. it's whatevs though. they have lives. it's not like their favorite sister out here in missouri misses them or anything. it's cool. live your lives. i get it.
4. how is the rest of the family? are you all getting prepared to get grandma and gramps from the airport in a month-ish? that's SO crazy that they're almost almost done.
5. have i told you you're my favorites?
I love you all! This gospel is so true and so good! I love that I get to share it with people every single day! I know that this is the Lord's work and that He is so mindful of us as we try to share His love with our friends and family! I know that He answers our prayers in the ways that are best for us! And I know without a doubt that this is where I am supposed to be right now. I love you all but I'm not sure I'm ever going to come home! just know though, that I miss you and love you and I would LOVE to have some pictures sent my way. your beautiful faces have changed, I'm sure of it, so let me see them!
Sister Sadie Leavitt

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