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if you've followed our blog for a while, you'll know that we decorated our wedding pretty much all by ourselves (with the help of our families, of course). you'll also know that we bought quite a bit of our decorations as opposed to renting them simply because we felt the rental prices were too high and it was more worth it to buy it.

but now we have wedding decorations out the wazoo.

so we decided to give back and pay it forward a little bit! we are renting out some of our wedding decorations! but for cheap because we don't want to have you have the same problem we did!

if we don't carry what you're looking for OR we don't have enough in our stock, check with us! we are willing to look into buying the item & if we buy it, we will rent it to you for CHEAPER than the next best rental price we can find!

what are we renting? and how much will each item cost?

- Bistro Lights: $15 a strand (a strand is 48 ft, weather resistant & work well indoors too!)
[we currently have 348 ft of lights in stock]

- Crates: $5 ea.
[we currently have 6 of these in stock]

- Lace-lined Mason Jars: $1 ea.
[we currently have 12 of these in stock; colored ribbon can be changed]

- Old Books: 50 cents ea.
[colors* in stock: ivory, black, blue, green, yellow, orange, red]
*colors are not all the same (as shown in the pictures)

- Wood Chargers: $2 ea. / $65 for 50 / $115 for 100

- Card Holders: $10 ea.

- Flameless Candles: $2 per candle

- Drawers: $5 for the set 
[set includes 3 small drawers & 1 large drawer]

- End Tables: $10 for set of two

- Cake Knives: $5

- Greenery: $10 for a box

we should mention that we also offer wedding photography as well! for more information and pricing on that go here.
contact us at: with WEDDING DECOR in the subject line!

happy wedding & happy renting!

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