wednesday letter: a day late & a dollar short

today's wednesday letter is comin at ya on a thursday. why??? because i worked for 12 hours straight yesterday. it was a lonnnnnnnng day. but here i am, playin the catch up game! but i'm catching up, so it still counts as a positive thing.

this last weekend was crazy & so awesome at the same time! i'm obviously still trying to catch up on blogging & such, but i'm also trying to catch up on sleep. it turns out, i am not in high school anymore & staying up past my bedtime + waking up super early just is not how i roll... actually, that's not how i rolled in high school either. i most definitely fell asleep at 9:30 on the regular in high school-- even on the weekends + even if my friends were over. hahah. 


but my senior rep retreat was a SMASHING SUCCESS, all thanks to my incredible sister (who happens to also be 9 months pregnant), my bff rachel, my cute husband parker (for believing in me!!!!!!), my parents + the parents of the senior reps, and of course, my senior reps! i am working on blog posts to explain more of what we did + their gorgeous pictures!! so stay tuned for those because you won't want to miss them!! (check back here on mondays, that's when photography posts go live!!!!) 

DRESSES FROM Ooh La La Dress Rentals & Consignment + HAIR + MAKE UP BY @hairbylark


but the senior rep retreat really got me thinking. i've been planning this for over 6 months & to see it all come together was an absolute dream. it worked out so perfectly & we just had a blast! and now we are planning something for COUPLES which has me STOKED OUT OF MY MIND. i love couple friends & i love marriage + helping marriages be better. so if you're interested in the couple program that we will be rolling out here hopefully sooner than later, COMMENT BELOW and sign up for my newsletter!!! (i pinkie promise, swear on my mother's grave [sorry mom], spit shake, cross my heart + hope to die + stick a needle in my eye [WHO CAME UP WITH THESE KID PHRASES?! they're so morbid], all that & a bag of chips PROMISE to never send you spam. legit ain't nobody got time for that.) we are still in the early planning stages, but GUYYYYYYYYS. i've got dreams. and i'm all about living my dreams + helping others to do the same. so if you want to spend some quality time with your spouse or significant other, sign up for my newsletter!!! 

mack's corner:
mack has gotten SO much bigger. we've officially had him for over a month now & at his last vet's appointment, he was 5 whole pounds. (compared to the 2.4 when we got him...) he's fluffier, faster, smarter, and definitely gives me a run for my money. he's potty trained to go outside (or on a potty pad inside if he just can't hold it-- we are gone for a lot of the day, so we have to have the potty pad). he knows where home is & will RUN there after playing outside for a bit. he hates baths. loves his squirrel (a little toy that makes him work for his food) & eating in general. we just love mack.  


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