wednesday letter: "anniversary photos" with @aliceshootspeople

happy wednesday, my friends! I'm not gonna lie, wednesdays can be a little stressful because i feel a tiny bit of pressure to have a blog post ready to go, but i love it because i have been HORRIBLE at journaling lately, so this is a good way to keep track of what we have been up to. 

last friday, i had the opportunity to second shoot with marquette mower. she is a wedding photographer from the gila valley in arizona. we met through instagram (i'm amazed at how many friends & opportunities that little app has brought to my life!) and she had a wedding at the timpanogos temple & needed a second shooter. i was beyond stoked & honored to join in when she asked me! the photos from the wedding are absolutely stunning. you can see them here!!

on saturday, we had an early morning. we drove to midway for a couple session. GUYS. MIDWAY IS BEAUTIFUL. scratch that. UTAH IS BEAUTIFUL. i'm still a nevada girl through & through but holy heart eyes. utah is incredible. the green. the lakes. THE MOUNTAINS. i think i'm in love. but anyway, back to the story. we met up with ANOTHER friend that i met through instagram (again, seriously, i can't even count the incredible friendships + opportunities social media has brought to my life!) and i got to take photos of her & her husband. stay tuned for that blog post because it's coming soon! 


we went to our new ward for the second time on sunday & guys, things are gooooood. one of my dear friends from college (and obviously her husband) is in our ward & i just love the fact that i know someone. after church, we had a friend dinner. i just love our friend dinners. we bring together the most random group of people & we just always have a blast! this time we had a pasta pot luck. we provided the noodles + rolls and then everyone else brought their favorite sauce. it was SO yummy. i'm still thinking about those sauces. they were just so darn good. 

i also got a little bit of a job change at janela bay. i now work in shipping & inventory as well as the kiosk. i am super, super excited for this change & can't wait to learn all about their business. it's going to be a blast!! so if you order a suit online & get it in the mail over this next summer, i MIGHT have been the one to package it! isn't that exciting?! 

just for posterity & journaling's sake, here are a few details of our lives that probably don't really matter to you, but i love looking back on this stuff, so if anything, this is for me.
currently we are:
watching: longmire & royal pains
working at: sykes (call center for capital one credit cards), janela bay (swimsuit kiosk at the mall), & sadie banks photography!
listening to: (parker) logic's new album & (sadie) the awesome with alison podcast + the goal digger podcast
favorite food: crazy bread from little caesars 

on monday we bought passes to the provo rec center so we could start working out. and i am so excited about it??? i feel weird that i'm excited to try and get back in shape, but i've just been feeling so gross & unhealthy lately that i am so ready for this. scared? YES. but so ready. 

then after work on monday, we drove out to a cabin in the woods for our "anniversary photos" (it's in quotes because our anniversary is actually in january, but i always wanted to be a june bride until actually being a june bride meant waiting 6 more months to marry parker & i decided that january was a much better option. hahah) we asked alice cannon (aka @aliceshootspeople) to take our photos because we just love her, her work, hanging out with her, and i secretly wanted to be her best friend. GUYS. i'm dead over these photos. when we got to the location i was just so, so happy. it was perfect. the light was gorgeous. parker cooperated & humored me & even had fun. we adventured through the mountains & just loved all of the wild flowers. plus we got the bonus of meeting robyn (@itsme.robyn), alice's cousin who also shot some gorgeous photos of us. just so good. the shoot was so fun. but then my favorite part was after the shoot, we decided that we were going to star gaze with alice & robyn but it wasn't quite dark enough. so we sat around the cabin's kitchen table and just talked. alice asked parker his version of our love story & why i fell in love with parker and then we just chatted about all of our lives & love & marriage. our hopes & dreams. all of it. which is my favorite topic of conversation. i love the deep stuff. then we went outside & star gazed for a while. but mostly we just stared at the moon because IT WAS SO BRIGHT. and then parker & i went home. on the way home we talked about how much fun we had & how easy it was to be alice & robyn's friends. we love that we made new friends for life this week. 

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