wednesday letter: baby blessing

last week, little loves opened & we have been SO blessed & just thrilled with how things have gone so far. we have absolutely loved being able to pick out the world's cutest baby clothes for our customers. but even more, we've loved hearing the stories that have come in from customers & readers for the little loves blog. we are working on lots of exciting stuff & can't wait to share it with everyone-- in time. ;) but for now, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! 

on saturday, we stopped in st. george for a family session (on the way to my sweet little nephew's baby blessing the next day) & it was seriously PERFECT. the light was gorgeous. the family was adorable. and again, i am so grateful for my job as a photographer.


yesterday, we got to visit with family for a short while for our cutie nephew's baby blessing. we adore our family, so any time we get to spend with them is so special to us. watching parker & my dad & brothers stand together to use the priesthood to give that sweet baby a blessing was so special. i'm so grateful for the priesthood holders in my life. (like a great photographer, i didn't take a single picture of the baby blessing.... -_-)

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