wednesday letter: dumpster divers

another wednesday has rolled around & i'm sitting here watching the series finale of parenthood with tears streaming down my face... okay, i stopped crying for a minute to write this, but i'm mega nervous that the tears will come back. i'll keep you updated.

this week has been a little crazy. (i think i say that every week, but you know... that's life) but i'm in the middle of transitioning day jobs because the seasons are changing. starting this afternoon, i'm a lead photographer for bell photography. but i will also be running social media for janela bay through the off season & in preparation for next year. so i'm excited to still be a part of janela bay. but i'm also way excited to jump back into school photography with bell. parker started working for boostability about a month ago and it has been so good for him. he loves working for boost & we are excited for this new journey that he's on.

on tuesday, we had the opportunity to go to dinner with our mission president and his wife & it was just such a blast spending time with them. we were able to learn so much about their life together & i just loved that. i love hearing how people made it through this life. each story is unique but there is so much to learn from every single one! 


& a funny moment from wednesday morning. parker is notorious for losing his keys. and this morning as he was getting ready to leave for work he came into our room in a frantic panic because he couldn't find his keys. i was pretty annoyed because WE HAVE A PLACE FOR KEYS. but i decided to help him look anyway (not very happily though... sorry park...) and we looked and looked and looked. we basically turned our house upside-down and we still couldn't find them. i kept thinking that maybe they were in the garbage can. like the BIG garbage can. we had took the garbage out last night right after we got home and before we went to bed. i couldn't shake it, so parker and i got into grungy clothes and went out to the garbage can. parker wouldn't let me jump into the garbage can with him (even though i have previous dumpster diving experience). as we were searching through the garbage can, one of our neighbors came out and told us that as his wife was leaving for work she saw us and texted him & told him that we were dumpster diving.... BAHAHAHAHA. it turned out that most of our neighbors saw us & thought that we were crazy. so now we're the crazy kids in the apartment complex... oops. but we found the keys. in the couch. not the garbage. so parker went dumpster diving for no reason. (again, sorry park)

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