wednesday letter: FAQs

i'm trying to write this before i have to get ready to leave for work, so sorry if it is kind of crazy. but i feel like every single conversation i have with people is basically me answering the same questions, so i'm just going to lay all of the small talk questions out for you guys! xoxox

our daily life FAQs: 

- wait, you have a new job?

actually i have two! two weeks ago i started working for janela bay, which is a swimsuit company. i work at a kiosk in the mall. (the shops at southtown! come see me to buy the cutest + modest + comfiest swimmer you'll ever own! and i'm not just saying that!!!!) and i also just barely started (like i was trained yesterday) for... well, i don't actually know what to call it... probably virtual assisting. so yeah, a virtual assisting job for an amazon company. i'm excited to learn the ins and outs of the amazon seller's world! 

- why do you have so many jobs?

dreams cost money, kids. they really do. (hah!) but in all serious-ness, parker and i made a goal to start the home buying process at the end of the year (we made this goal in january) and we are a little bit behind financially, so we (i) decided to step up my cash money game during the summer and stop lounging around our little home. 

- what is parker up to these days?

well, he is doing the same ole, same ole. he still works for frontier (a call center that works for capital one credit cards) and he goes to school. he also has been helping with a lot of the at home chores because my schedule is crazy and sometimes i can't keep up with the never ending laundry + dishes in the sink.

- why are you selling all of your stuff?

because we will be downsizing. we would like to move into a smaller apartment over the summer. we (i) want all of our stuff to match when we move into a house one day. so we are selling the pieces that just don't really match with our (my) vision for what i want my home to look like! slash remember how i said we are a little bit behind in our goals? well, yeah, online yard sales seem to help with the catch up game + they clear out clutter. which hello, spring cleaning! 

- what stuff is left?

we still have about 70 wood rounds, the hutches, the iPad, the dress.... actually, most all of it is still available. holla at yo girl if you want something! i'm happy to bring stuff down to mesquite as well! (we visit

quite often

 so it's not even a big deal!)


- are you still doing photography?

yes. of course! i love photography with my whole heart! basically the only reason i turn down a wedding is if i'm already booked for that day! so there are plenty of spots open in my calendar! both of my jobs allow flexibility in my schedule for photography, so don't hesitate if you're wanting a session! (unless it is a newborn session, then look elsewhere. hahaha)

- how much do you charge for a __________ shoot?

my wedding packages start at $950. my senior packages start at $200. family sessions are $200 for 45 minutes. (maternity, baby announcements and couple sessions are all considered family sessions) 

- that seems like a lot of money up front, why do you charge so much?

i totally understand that. but a lot of work goes into each session. choosing the location, helping with outfits, travel time + costs, the actual shoot, editing, marketing + advertising, blogging, etc. there's a lot more that i can't think of right now (remember, i'm racing the clock to try to finish this before i have to head to work!)

- what if i only want a few shots, does that change the price?

i'm sorry, but no. like i said in the previous question, a lot of work goes into each session and i still spend hours behind the scenes trying to help you create the perfect session. 

- what types of shoots do you do?

honestly, basically everything but newborns & boudoir. but weddings and seniors are my bread and butter. they are my favorites to shoot and probably always will be. 

- what is the best way to book with you?

you can email me at or message me on any of my social media platforms! i typically respond within 24 hours! (or i try REALLY hard to respond within that time frame! i'm still human...)

- what is your turn around time? 

i try my very, very best to get your pictures back to you within two weeks for every shoot besides a wedding day. the actual wedding day photos take me anywhere from 3-4 weeks. (cruddy lighting situations-- i'm looking at you)

- do you sell prints or canvas prints?

yes! on my etsy shop, i sell my temple prints! you can special order canvas prints & i am so happy to do custom orders for people, so if you don't see what you're looking for or the temple you want isn't in the shop yet, let me know! i'll also share a post soon with the pictures that you can choose from! 

- what kind of camera do you use?

i use a Nikon D750 and i typically have my 35mm on there with my 50mm close by. i just love those little primes. they are perfect for the work that i do. (i'm secretly crushing on the 85mm though. so maybe one day i'll get that lens because hi gorgeous portrait lens!!!!)

- what kind of camera do you recommend for beginners?

i started with the Nikon D3100 (similar to the Nikon D3300) and used that for the entire first year of having a wedding photography business. it's a cropped sensor so it's a bit cheaper and it is great for beginners and those who want to learn how to use manual mode. a similar camera is the Canon t6i. 


- are you still selling pies? 

yes! i don't advertise them as much because i don't have a


 of time to devote to that little passion project at the moment, but yes! if you want a pie, i will make you a pie!

- how do i order a pie?

tell me you want a pie & then venmo me some dollars or hand me some cash monies! :)

- how much do pies cost?

mini pies are $15 and regular pies are $20!

- where do you deliver to?

we deliver all the way up to salt lake and on special weekends all the way down to mesquite & bunkerville! (THIS WEEKEND IS A BUNKERVILLE WEEKEND SO IF YOU WANT A PIE, LET ME KNOW!!)

- what flavors do you offer? 

blackberry, strawberry, mixed berry, blueberry, raspberry, apple, applesauce, pumpkin, chocolate, banana cream

- what is your favorite flavor?

pumpkin or apple! but the raspberry is coming in... they just smell SO divine!!

- what is parker's favorite flavor?

mixed berry for sure. 


- but really, when are you going to have a baby?

honestly, we don't know. my body is having a few issues right now (if you want to get real personal, i haven't been ovulating-- for those who don't know this junk-- ovulation is when your body is the most fertile... i'll keep it to that)

- have you tried _________? 

tbh. probably not. we aren't the hugest fans of essential oils, so we haven't tried any of those. we've been working with our doctor recently (yay for hitting the year mark...) and hopefully things will start progressing for us. 

- what is next?

we are going to start on clomid hopefully within the next month. (clomid helps you ovulate) i will also have my thyroid tested and we will do a few other hormone tests just to rule things out.

- how often are you going to update your blog about this?

i don't know. it's a pretty emotional roller coaster ride, so i'll share when i feel ready. i'd like to be an open book about it, but i would also like to not do that. i have lots of posts already written out, but i don't want this blog to turn into a fertility blog so there's that as well.

- can i ask questions?

of course! if you are curious or don't know what something means-- please don't hesitate to ask! it might take me a minute (or few days) to formulate an answer, but i'll always respond! 

- what do i say if someone just announced that they're having a hard time trying to get pregnant or they just had a miscarriage?

hold tight, because that is one of those posts that i have coming for you. there's just so much that goes into that and i want to make sure my post is perfect before i share it with the world. BUT to tide you over, here are a few quick things: 

1. that is so hard. (VALIDATE THEIR HARD TIME)

2. i'm so sorry. (even though you didn't cause it, you can still sympathize and empathize)

3. i love you. (chances are they are having a hard time loving themselves, so hearing that somebody loves them is critical.)

that's all for now, friends. i hope that you have the best week ever and that when we see each other, i can ask you a billion questions because i'll know that you already know the answers to these questions! xoxoxo! 

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