wednesday letter: fourth of july little letters

dear bunkerville 4th of july, 
i missed you this year, but i loved seeing the photos of your festivities! one day we will be back & will get to participate in the watermelon eating contest & 5k again. 

dear provo,
your calm summer nights are killlllllllling me. i'm obsessed with them. also, that hot air balloon party you have for the 4th of july is killer. 

dear scootie,
fireworks chasing on you last night was seriously what my dreams are made of. i'm stoked that we made that new tradition this year.

dear BBQs (aka cook outs for my midwestern friends),
corn on the cob, hot dogs, watermelon & hanging out with friends on a warm summer day is easily in my top 10 favorite things. so thanks for being a thing.

dear mack,
if you could stop nipping at my toes, that'd be great. but you're still fun. and watching you play so hard yesterday that you could barely stand by the end of the night was so fun.

dear fireworks, 
you're loud, but you're beautiful. and you always, always, always remind me of the sandlot. 

dear white shanty,
thanks for letting the community come and take photos in front of your giant american flag. we definitely took advantage of that! (see below)

dear popsicles,
i love you.

dear lady in the smith's parking lot,
thanks for offering us your ikea bag when you noticed that there was no way that we were going to be able to fit all of our groceries onto our scooter. 

dear preston & sam, 
thanks for saving us at smith's. 

dear mom & dad, 
it was so fun hanging out with you this weekend!! come up more!! :)

dear frontier secure,
DEUCES. but really, thanks for the job the last three-ish years. we appreciated it!!

dear boostability,
we are stokkkkkkkked for this new adventure!

dear america,
thanks for being born 241 years ago. your birthday is one of my favorites to celebrate. i'm SO PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN.

dear lee greenwood,
thanks for your hit song, "God bless the USA," that song is my JAM. (and always reminds me of the 3rd grade. mrs. andrus's 2001-2002 third grade class, WHERE YOU AT? do you remember singing that song every dang day??)

dear watermelon,
so, so, so glad you are currently in season!! 

dear creators of the cul de sac of fire,
i love watching your firework shows. there's nothin better than neighborhood fireworks.

dear connor & sam, 
those fireworks rocked. make america dope again. can't wait to party in disneyland with you guys!!!

dear summer,
i just love, love, lovvvvve you. i love how warm & bright everything is all the time! i love how people go outside when it's summertime. i love that kids run through sprinklers. i love that people play whiffle ball in their yards. i love that i can wear shorts! i love that i don't have to wear a jacket or coat! i love that we can go on scooter rides! i love that i can go swimming! i just love everything about you, summer. 


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