wednesday letter: full-time.

three weeks ago, i announced that i had my first day of full-time work. it has been a great change for our family. i'm still trying to figure out how to run my schedule, but i haven't quite got there yet. i'm in no rush though. parker & i have had the best time spending the hour drive to & from work chatting. & it has been so fun to see parker around the office + eating lunch together.


mackie has been adjusting to our new schedule as well. he wakes us up promptly at 6:30 am to go to the bathroom & to play for a bit before we leave for work in the morning. when we get home, he is suuuuuuper excited to see us. we love coming home to our mackie. 


in other news, we bought a couch a few weeks ago & we lovvvvve it. it helps our mini living room feel like a living room. i have loved trying to utilize the great space we have on the low budget we have (zero dollars). there is so, so much potential in the living room we have & we would love to be able to have people over, but we haven't had a ton of space until now. i'm very excited about it.


i've also been busy working with my bloggers. guys, they are seriously the best. they are so kind & patient & they literally have cheered me on about my job since DAY ONE. they have been so supportive & the best kind of friends. i'm so grateful to be able to work with them. i've also been working hard on trying to make my website better. i'm no pro by any means, but i've tried & i'm excited to keep working on it. 

life is really good around here. i feel very grateful & very blessed & we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. it might be far away still, but it's there!! 

i want to end this post with a quote i saw today, "if speaking kindly to plants helps them grow, imagine what speaking kindly to humans can do." spread some kindness today, my friend. 


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