wednesday letter: getting my life back together

in my last wednesday letter, i was pretty honest about how i've been feeling about life. mostly like a hot mess, but ready to move forward & get my life back together. i had a few setbacks in multiple aspects of my life & was feeling super down about myself, but i took some time off this week to figure out how i could work smarter not harder. i feel like i always say, "i've been working really hard to...." & then it goes no where or i get really busy doing work over again because my systems aren't quite what they need to be. i do have to admit, i blame a lot of this on myself because i lost my planner a few months ago & that thing held my entire life. 


i am very excited & happy to announce that i recently bought another planner & i cannot wait to get it because in my time off, i figured out where the holes were in my workflow & i have started taking steps to fix them. i'm such a nerd & systems just make my heart SO happy. (p.s. if you're wanting to start a photography business... or any small business for that matter... i will be sharing my workflow tips soon! but until then, you might be interested in 5 services every photographer should use!)

i'm still trying to create a system for our home life because seriously, laundry never ends & i just feel like i never have time to fold it... okay, fine, i just hate folding it. so it just sits in the basket... or on the floor. which i hate. so like i said, i'm still trying to create a system for that. updating our space & creating space in our bathroom has really helped us to get it together in terms of laundry, but we're still not quite there yet. 

mozzie has been a real joy in our lives. we've figured out that he LOVES to play & run. so we take him to the park or play in our backyard almost every day. we're trying to add that to our daily schedule because he sleeps MUCH better when he plays outside for at least 30 minutes at the end of the day. he is so similar to mackie, but also so different. mozzie is so, so brave & tries to climb up everything. but he is also kind of a scaredy cat because when he gets up to those high places (not often, but can sometimes get up) he gets too nervous to jump down so he just gets stuck up there. for example: a few days ago, he figured out how to get onto our bed while we were at work. but then, he couldn't get down, so he just had to stay on the bed until we got home & then when we got home he cried for a good five minutes because he was so sad that he got stuck up there. hahahahah. he has also learned how to climb up the stairs, so that's been a fun adventure trying to keep him downstairs so he doesn't trip grandma or anything.

i think that's it in terms of updates this week. we've had a pretty uneventful week, which i'm learning are the best kinds of weeks. i hope that you have the best week ever! i'll catch on saturday for my next shutter saturday!


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