wednesday letter: goals update

my blog is a place where i can share... well honestly, whatever i'm feeling or thinking about. but i also like sharing my favorite products, places, food, things, ideas, etc. but recently, i've started sharing my goals. i want to be accountable for the goals i have made, so today, i'm sharing how i've done with my goals thus far in january. you can see my 2018 goals here.

intentional minimalism:
we've got our belongings down to FIVE totes! we put most everything into my grandma's shed because right now, we don't really need anything. i've mentioned this before, but one of my biggest (& favorite) tips for cleaning things out & downsizing is: always, always, always have a DI pile (or thrift store pile), we constantly have one & we take the pile to DI at least once a month.

intentional storytelling:
i've tried to slow down during my shoots, but could still use some work there. i also haven't blogged every session. i need to hop on that & write down my sessions so that i can blog them.

intentional frugality:
we are ON TRACK to make our gross goal & i am so, so stoked about that. i'm in the process of getting a full-time day job, which will definitely help us there.
we are also working VERY hard on getting out of our debt. which we are very excited for. we have big plans for our family for 2018 + 2019 & getting out of debt (car payments are the worrrrrst) is at the top of the list.

intentional education:
this week i've read two & a half books, so i'm feeling pretty good about that. i love reading & i love that i've been able to get back into it this year.

intentional spirituality:
i've been trying to do really good at this. i need to be better at scripture study & journaling, but i've been trying to pray every day & have noticed a difference for sure. 

intentional health practices:
5+5+5 - I'M DOING SO, SO GOOD. we're at 20 of each per day & it is definitely a workout. i'm super tired by the end of it, but i'm super proud of myself.
no soda or chocolate: CRUSHING this. i haven't had any soda or any chocolate since the new year started. it turns out that the no chocolate thing is harder than i thought it would be. we've had brownies or chocolate cake a few times for sunday dinner desert and man. my mother-in-law is such a good cook & they have looked & smelled SOOOOOOOOOO good. but i've resisted & i am so, so proud of myself.
eat out less. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. super bad at this. like SUPER bad at this. BUT we have made three meals at home this month, so i'd say we're on the up & up. 
eat less dairy: i've tried really hard to do this. i definitely eat cheese and have milk with my cereal, but it's not a ton of cheese and i don't drink the milk in my cereal. i'm trying harder to cut it more & more every day because i want to see how it will help. i haven't noticed a difference in my acne, but i have noticed a difference in how i feel (sickness-wise). i haven't gotten sick when i've eaten what i have, but i'm trying to pay close attention.

i'm also trying to be better about taking pictures of our every day life because i want to remember these days. i want to remember these times. i want to live in 2018 instead of fantasy 2023. 


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