wednesday letter: home tour

i'll be real, i've meant to do a home tour in all of our little home dwellings, but i never really got around to it. so sorry about that. but i made a real goal to do a home tour in our new townhome because hello, it has the most beautiful natural light!!! this will only be half a tour because i ran out of light halfway through shooting and it's been raining here, so good news. there's more to come!!!

when we started looking for a new place to live, one of the things that was REALLY important to me was that it needed natural light (& wood floors). when i saw this beaut listed, i showed parker & told him we HAD to check it out. we walked through a similar unit because ours wasn't finished yet & fell in lovvvvve. 

our floor plan is cozy, but still open, which i love. ever since we moved into our second apartment (that we only lived in for a few months, but loved), we've opted out of having a dining table. i was so, so excited to see that we would have an island that we could eat at, so we wouldn't need to clutter our space with a table AND a living area. i found these super cute barstools (that parker INSISTED have a back. which is fine because i actually really love these, i was just surprised that he had such strong opinions. hahah) i lovvvvve all of the storage in our kitchen area because then our counters can stay clear & open, which makes my heart so, so happy!

the living room is one of my favorite rooms & i would be totally lying if i said that i wasn't excited to decorate for christmas!!!! i'm already dreaming of putting up our christmas tree!!! but i am in love with our coffee table and our tv stand! i love finding similar items that really bring a room together! we, of course, already had our couch, pillows & blankets but finding a few items to make this room more cozy was exactly what i wanted!


our kitchen is so great. we just love it. we got these bar stools at ikea. we originally got only four, but after a little while we (i) decided we needed one more because there was just an awkward empty spot. we also have this little spot in the kitchen that i'm pretty sure is supposed to be for a kitchen table, but we turned it into a little office area and hung our letterfolk board and pictures (which i'm OBSESSED WITH) on the wall.


our bedroom is upstairs and IS HUGE. we got a king-sized bed because i missed my king-sized bed from high school. hahah. i also thought a king-sized bed would fill the room a bit... i was wrong. we put our second tv upstairs and put our egg chair in our room too. i really love how this room is coming together. i haven't decided how i want to decorate the walls or if i really want to decorate them. it's up in the air. 


i am REALLY stoked about how this is all coming together. this place is really starting to feel like home and i just love it. 

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