wednesday letter: june 2018

is it just me or does it feel like this year is FLYING by?!? june has come and basically has gone (how are we in the last full week of june? i seriously do not understand.) and i'm just trying to soak up as much summer as i can. 

this month, we started using the one second everyday app. it takes one second snippets from your videos from each day and compiles them into a little video for you. we're still working on remembering to take a horizontal video every day (not just instastories...), but it has been so fun watching this video over and over again as the month has gone on. i'm so excited to keep making these videos each month to remember the special little moments from each day.

this month has been so exciting. i got a new lens & have seriously been so inspired & happy to go out and take pictures again! i have fallen in love with photography all over again & it has been the absolute best! 

my parents came for a visit & we were able to add a shiplap wall in our bedroom + some shelves in our bathroom!! we loved having my mom & dad visit for a few days!!

i also got to go to my first ever girls weekend with my friends chelsie, karli & keara. we just went up big cottonwood canyon to karli's family cabin & it was seriously so relaxing & so fun! we spent a few hours in park city & just shopped, ate yummy food & hung out. it was such a blast.

we went to jurassic world with our friends jaymie & jordan & that was also such a blast. we love going to the movies & hanging out with friends, so getting to do both was a real bonus! oh, we also saw incredibles 2 this month too!

mozzie has been growing like a little weed. he starts puppy training in the middle of july & we are all excited (mozzie just doesn't know it yet). but he's learned that he can jump onto our bed (which is impressive because he can barely reach the top of the bed standing on his hind legs). he also braved the back stairs finally and will walk down them himself (which took him at least 2.5 weeks to summon the courage to do). he's almost completely potty trained, which is awesome. but that's something we're hoping to solidify at puppy training. 

we also visited the hall of breakfast with chelsie & dustin. it's a traveling interactive art installation based off of breakfast foods. it was so much fun & we just had a blast hanging out with chelsie & dustin. and then the next day the four of us drove out to the salt flats & so i could take chelsie & dustin's anniversary photos. (which turned out SO dreamy)

parker was also able to go to the new dave n buster's in the gateway with our friend connor! parker has been wanting to go to D&B's since it opened & he was so excited to finally be able to go. he said he had a lot of fun.

and last but most certainly not least, good grief opened for pre-orders! good grief has been a huge project for me over the last few months, so finally being able to hold a tangible physical copy was such an incredible feeling! good grief pre-orders end on july 1st, so hurry & snag your copy now while they are on sale for pre-orders!

this month has been so busy, but full of so much fun! we love that we can sit out in our backyard each night & just relax after a full day of work & lots of playing! we feel really blessed to live the life that we live. june 2018 was good to us & we are so excited to see what's in store for july 2018!


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