wednesday letter: #LightTheWorld

this week, parker and i had the opportunity to participate in something really, really cool! we went to temple square a few times to look at the lights but then yesterday, we went and visited the #freelygivemachine. these are THE COOLEST things i've ever seen when it comes to allowing people to give service in new ways. at the joseph smith memorial building, the church has put up four vending machines. in two of them, they have things you can pay for to donate to families in need (like meals, food, pacifiers, wipes, goats, chickens, glasses, medicine, etc.) you literally swipe your card, punch in the number of the thing you want to donate and then it drops down into the portion where you'd normally grab your treat, but instead of having an option to pull out what you bought, it just piles up at the bottom. it was so, so neat to be able to see the generosity of those around us. there are so many good people in the world. in another one of the machines, you could buy special #LightTheWorld waters and with each water bought, clean water is provided to third world countries who currently don't have access to clean water. so neat. and then the last machine is free and is full of cards with small acts of service you could do on them. 
basically, to say that i'm obsessed with these machines is a total understatement. going to the #freelygivemachine was a definite highlight  of my christmas season this year. (if you want to see a video of the #freelygivemachine, go here)


i am so, so grateful for the christmas season because the spirit of Christ is everywhere. each day, i am more & more grateful for that tiny babe that came down to earth for my sake (& yours too!!). i feel so grateful this christmas for the blessings that i have been given in my life; for the family that i have, the friends i have, the opportunities i've had for work, the place i live, the ward (church congregation) i am in and just all of the things i have. i am so, so blessed & i hope that i can be more aware of those who are less fortunate + help them more. 

i hope you have the merriest of christmas seasons & that this christmas season you'll remember the reason for the season. 

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