wednesday letter: little letters

dear salt lake,
i've missed you. it is so, so good to be back & i can't wait for the adventures that we will have exploring here!

dear utah fertility center,
thanks for your help, you've been the best medical staff we've ever visited. looks like we'll be frequenting your establishment again this month. see ya soon.
(we got our 16th negative pregnancy test this week. you can read more about it here.)

dear red box,
thanks for having Table 19. i've watched it twice in the 18 hours that we've had it. it is such a feel good movie, but for a girl who needs to feel good right now, i really appreciate it.

dear chip co,
sorry i hated on you so hard. i just ate half of a day old cookie & it was delicious. however, i still think you're a little overpriced + should have more cookie options, buuuuuuuut let's talk about how DELICIOUS that cookie was this afternoon. legit still drooling a little.

dear pie pizzaria,
you are the coolest pizza joint this side of the mississippi. no joke. plus your pizza is delicious. now we just need to learn a little portion control. amiright??! (me, not you. giant pizzas forever & always.)

dear high schools + middle schools + elementary schools,
waking up before the sun is not my favorite thing in the world, but i do it for you. your yearbook pictures are adorable-- don't tell yourselves otherwise.

dear backyard,
WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL OF MACK'S LIFE?!!? holy smokes. you make taking mack out a BILLION times better/more fun. especially because i get to swing every time i go outside. 

dear target,
ALL THE SALES + A PARTNERSHIP WITH CHIP & JOANNA?! our budget can't handle what is about to happen here soon. please bless that we will have strength to resist temptation.

we have been SO busy recently & our internet situation/connection is less than stellar (for now) so forgive me if you really wanted to see some photos or you're waiting on photos!! soon!! soon!! soon!! xoxoxo.

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