wednesday letter: little letters

i am an avid

love, taza

reader and every so often she writes little letters, so i decided to take a page out of her book (blog) and write little letters this week! (i'm trying to keep wednesday letters interesting because let's be honest, a full run down of our week every week is just not that exciting)

dear easter,

i'm in love with you. this year i realized that we celebrate you because it marked the completion of our Savior's atonement which is cool. i also appreciate that someone created mini cadbury eggs because of you.

dear mini cadbury eggs,

i had to refrain from buying 50 bags because too much sugar makes my tummy feel gross, but i'd happily eat an entire bag in one sitting if i had to.

dear bunkerville & mesquite,

for some reason, i thought you were just so ugly when i was younger. but now, every time i visit, i see the beauty that you hold. like those tiny wildflowers on the sides of the road? how did i miss those when i was younger?! (p.s. the other day, parker said that he would be open to living there during a school semester... i almost died of happiness!!!!! so maaaaaaybe??????)

dear austin & janae,

thanks for coming to visit, eat tacos, play games & watch tv with us! we've decided (okay, i've decided... but i think parker would back me up on this) that neither of you should move away this summer. but if you must... i guess we will support you...


heather nan


your illume workshop was a smashing success! i learned SO much & seriously cannot wait to practice everything i learned! thank you for helping me feel comfy & like i can do anything if i just try! you're a dang wizard when it comes to light & it was so awesome to meet you and learn from you!


illume workshop


happen 500 more times. i'll come every time.

dear panda express & costa vida,

thank you for always being there. but please, maybe just close down for a few months. we are trying to save money.


thread wallet


i was nervous that my cards & money were going to fall out of you, but you hold onto that stuff with your dear life and i appreciate that. plus to hook onto my keys & that's super handy.

dear people that i've shot with in the last week,

your photos are COMINNNNNNG! i cranked out 3 sessions yesterday & hope to finish the rest by the end of the week! *fingers crossed* this is what accountability looks like.

dear utah,

you have been KILLING it with your warm weather! feel free to continue this streak of goodness! or maybe even feel free to get a little bit warmer? i can feel the summer weather coming & i am just beyond excited. bring it on.


janela bay


thanks for the cutie swimmer! i can't wait to wear it all summer long! i never thought that i would actually like wearing high waisted bottoms, but i'm a believer now! high waisted bottoms forever. oh, and seriously, thanks for the job this summer. it's mucho appreciated!


persnickety prints


i'm obsessed with the 30x40 print that you printed for me. and so was the rest of instagram. so that's neat.

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