wednesday letter: little letters {lantern fest}

dear panda express worker,
thank you for giving me the scoop of chow mein with only a little bit of veggies in it.

dear clancy,
thanks for driving us up to provo on sunday night so we could get some sleep + helping us move our stuff to our apartment. i hope the mcdonalds we bought you before putting you on the bus home was good enough payment because our gratitude just doesn't seem like enough sometimes.

dear lantern fest,
you were absolutely incredible. a tinsy bit stressful & unorganized there at the end, but i'd do anything to see all of those floating lights again.

dear first apartment, 
i'm sincerely going to miss you. the memories & lessons learned within your walls will never be forgotten.

dear byu football stadium during football season,
i will not miss you. 

dear walmart,
that new shirt i bought though?? my wardrobe appreciates a cute & comfy white shirt. you crushed it. 

dear summer,
i feel you comin & let me just say, KEEP ON COMIN!!! bring on the warmth! i'm ready for ya!

dear provo rec center,
you're getting closer to being a larger part of my life & that's a little scary. if i ignore your existence for a bit longer, just know that it IS you. not me. ............. but maybe a little bit me.... mostly you though.

dear parker's macaroons,
don't taste so delicious next time. i shouldn't eat an entire batch of your sugary goodness in one sitting but when you're THAT good, i cannot restrain myself.

dear british baking show, 
i appreciate your ability to give parker the drive to bake delicious goodies for me.

dear gas oven,
i still can't believe you melted the lids to our cookie sheets. my heart is so, so sad because those lids were awesome. but lesson learned.

dear succulents,
thanks for not dying this whole time since we've been moving! you've lived the longest i've ever had & i just love you so much!!

guys. i am SO sorrrrrrry that there aren't photos this time around. meh. we've been moving the last bits of our old apartment and it's just not quite there yet. MOVING IS SUCH A HASSLE. but worth it. worth it. worrrrrth it. 

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