wednesday letter: live your best life

this week was a good one. it was so good that i can't really remember what we did. we went and saw the christmas lights on temple square twice (because i had two photo shoots in the evening downtown, STAY TUNED FOR THOSE BLOG POSTS. you don't want to miss them. they're coming this weekend!!!), we played with our mack boy, we relaxed and enjoyed each other, i fell asleep at SEVEN PM last night. it was just a good week. 

this sunday, i was able to wear my new dress that was given to me by @sasha.poseyandpence (use the code sasha10 for 10% off your order at posey and pence!!) and i LOVVVVVVE it. if you don't remember, i'm super picky about what clothes i wear/have because we don't have a ton of closet space & i'm working on being very intentional about the things that i own (hence the capsule wardrobe). but i really do love this dress from posey & pence. it's so cute & VERY comfy. which is way more important than looks to me. i mean, it needs to be cute, but it most definitely needs to be comfy. i wore it all day sunday, so you know it's comfy.


if you've been following my blog for a long time (you know, since the beginning of time... FIVE YEARS), you know that livin' the dream is important to me. i'm all about living my dreams & i think it is so important for you to live your dreams because it is so, so possible to do that. but then i think about how long it can take to live out your own dreams and how in waiting for those dreams to become full reality, living your best life can be lost in the shuffle of the hussle. if you're not living your best life along with living your dreams, then what's the point? my goal for 2018 is to be more intentional in all of the important aspects of my life to help me live my best life while waiting for my dreams to come true. i hope you'll join me in being intentional in 2018 to live your best life!

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