wednesday letter: mack

on saturday morning, parker & i were talking about our tiny family. the conversation turned to puppies & dogs. we looked up the puppy barn in american fork & saw that they had toy poodles. guys. TOY POODLES. they were the fluffiest little guys i had ever seen. 

we decided that we wanted one. (WHAT? I DON'T EVEN LIKE DOGS!!!) anyway. ANYWAY. we made our way to american fork. when we got to the puppy barn, we walked in & there were people EVERYWHERE. we looked through all of the bins & saw all of the cute & snugly puppies. and then there they were: the toy poodles. THEY WERE FLUFFIER IN REAL LIFE. we decided right then and there we wanted to take one home. 

they let us play with all three of the toy poodles & we picked mack. he was the smallest of the bunch & was just so awkward. i just loved him. so we picked him & took him home.

mack got to come with us to a photo shoot in logan. his first day with us was pretty exhausting for all of us. but we are getting used to things. we are working on potty training him right now, so please pray that this all happens so quickly & that he learns what the litter box is SOON. (so far, so good though!!)

but here's the thing, my friends. i'm not a dog mom. mack is not a baby. he doesn't fill that void. he's not our child. he's not our "fur baby." he's our pet. and we are glad we have him. he helps keep us distracted & gives us a reason to go outside more often. i honestly never thought i would have an inside dog. (and one day he will be a garage or mudroom dog... sorry mack.) i'm still adjusting to having a dog in my apartment. and he's a fun addition to our family. i'll be honest, we like having the companionship of mack. he does a great job of helping us feel loved & needed. and he sure is a cute pup. so here's a few photos of cute little mack.  


here are a few of the pros of having mack: 
1. i clean a LOT more. 
2. i have to get out of bed by 8am to feed him + take him to the bathroom
3. parker & i go outside a LOT more
4. i actually cleaned our carpet (this will be happening WAY more often too)
5. we spend more time together & less time on our phones/watching netflix/playing games
6. i got to reorganize our living room to make space for mack's new cage that should be coming soon!!
7. we keep our apartment much cleaner because if it's on the ground, it's probably going to be in mack's mouth sooner or later... sooooo NOTHING goes on the ground anymore.
8. we are all DEAD TIRED at the end of the day
9. we open our windows (i also cleaned our windows yesterday. GUYS. CLEAN YOUR WINDOWS. THE DIFFERENCE IS AMAZING)
10. we are just happier because we feel needed & loved. 

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