wednesday letter: on a thursday

I know, I know. It's Thursday. One of these weeks I'll get back into the Wednesday Letter routine. But for now, here it is on a Thursday. *shrug*

i had a friend (sasha) tell me today that i don't share a ton of what me & parker do anymore on social media. so this post is for her. and you, if you care. hahah.

parker & i don't do a ton of new and different things these days because well, cold weather. last week it was warm & that was so happy. so happy in fact, that parker bought a new scooter to ride this summer. 

i started watching this is us this week (because it has been cold & well, i just needed a new show, okay?) and that was a bad idea. WHY DIDN'T I BELIEVE PEOPLE WHEN THEY SAID THEY WERE A MESS AFTER EVERY EPISODE? i have almost finished season one. (yes, i started this week & i've watched 16 episodes. sue me.) i'll tell you this: it is very hard to edit photos when you're crying. 

i signed up for another photography workshop this week with the great heather nan. it's all about artificial light and i could NOT be more excited! 

we hosted a giveaway for two of my Temple prints on instagram & it had over 500 entries so that was a boost to my confidence! we also printed one out for ourselves & it hangs over our bed & i am OBSESSED. it added the perfect touch to our bedroom. 

we drove through a taco bell drive-thru on parker's new scooter & found 21 cents. that was a highlight. 

we also started trying to eat healthier (clearly trying is the keyword since we also still go to Taco Bell...) but we started this new thing where we try to have someone over for dinner at least twice a week. because honestly, you're not going to invite someone over for dinner and then be like, "is it cool if we just run to costa vida real quick?" i mean that's happened in our life more than once, but we are making an effort to be better. 

i've gotten braver about our journey to having a baby. i've written a post or two about it... you can read them through the links below if you want

hey women's marchers, i'll gladly take your baby

12 months and no baby later...

chapter two: infertility

an infertility journey

i've applied for more jobs. because we need/want more income. but i've also booked a few more weddings & had more wedding inquiries, so that's awesome! i also opened an

etsy shop

(where i sell my prints) of temple photos!

again, we've spent a lot of time with family, gone on some dates, and hung out with a few new & old friends. 

although i am terrible at "what we are up to" updates & posts; and it feels like we don't do a ton of new things, our life does change and there are things to update about every so often. i'll try my best to post updates more frequently. and hopefully i can get back into the wednesday letter routine! 

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thank you for your support, love & kindness. and thank you for reading my blog. i'm glad that someone reads the words that i throw out into the void. 

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