wednesday letter: prepping for the senior rep retreat!

we were able to see some of our favorite babies this week & HOLY SMOKES. WE HAVE THE CUTEST NIECES & NEPHEWS IN THE WORLD!! also, parker's hair is long enough to french braid. he's growing out his hair & it is getting there!!!!


this weekend was a little crazy. we started off the weekend with kelsey + quentin's anniversary session. it was such a blast to be able to hang out with them again! i mentioned on instagram that one of my favorite things ever is seeing love grow. watching kelsey + quentin over the last year has been so fun. we've had them over for dinner & they blew us away with all of their knowledge about literature, art & basic adult stuff. (turns out, even if you're older than someone, they can still teach you a lot of things-- a quick lesson on humility) but we love kelsey & quentin! they are so fun & easy to talk to, so hanging out with them for a few hours this weekend was just so fun. 

mack got his first real bath this week, which he absolutely hated. & then he ran through dirt the next day & got insanely dirty again. so that was fun. 


this weekend i also finished editing FOUR sessions. so my eyes were (still are) so tired. but i feel so blessed to have been able to work with so many different people over the summer. i have two weddings to finish by the end of today, so wish me (and my eyeballs) luck! 

all of this hustlin' is in preparation for my senior rep retreat that is happening THIS WEEKEND!!! i am so excited to hang out with my senior reps & prep them for the coming school year! they are the cutest & i already can't wait to show everyone their pictures because just knowing the girls, i know they are going to be incredible!


sometimes life is so, so awesome. and sometimes you find mold in your new (to you) apartment. bah. and sometimes you have insurance miscommunications with your doctor's office. bleh.

guys. being an adult is haaaaard sometimes. but the best part is that sometimes even though life throws lots of curve balls, there is stilllllll good in every single day. i was looking through my sister's instagram feed & she talked about how one day was particularly rough but she wanted to remember the good in every single day. i'm not going to lie-- the last few months have been a rollercoaster of all of the emotions. but looking back, there have been lots & lots of great moments too. which is why i like writing these wednesday letters because they help me to look for the good things that have happened every week. 


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