wednesday letter: recent projects

hiiiiiiiii friends!!!!

this week has been SO weird. i finished work early on monday, so i was home before noon & was able to work on a few different projects, parker & i went shopping (hooray for white t-shirts & shorts!!!) & we were able to spend lots of time together. we had such a blast. i love being able to spend time with my love. 

then yesterday, i had the day off & was able to finish a big project. elder alder's homecoming video. last week we had the opportunity to go to the salt lake airport for another missionary homecoming. guys. those are just SO emotional. i can't even handle them. HOWEVER. i did NOT cry this time which is a huge improvement from the first two. i think i'm finally overcoming my personal missionary homecoming PTSD. but really, missionary homecomings just make me so incredibly happy. so welcome home elder alder! i hope your mission was awesome!

i think i've mentioned this before, but we've also started going to the gym. we made a goal to go every day, but in reality we've only gone like twice a week. which is a HUGE improvement from the zero times a week we have gone the last 15 months of our marriage. so i'm counting it as a win. when we go to the gym i run on the treadmill and watch parenthood. parenthood is a good distraction from the activity which i enjoy the least. aka being at the gym. but it's "good for my health" so i must go. or something like that.

we've also been trying to settle into our new apartment. it's coming slowly but surely. we've got a few more things that need to be hung on the walls and we've always got a DI pile going but other than that we don't really live out of boxes or a suitcase anymore, so we're happy about that! one day i'll take pictures of this tiny place. but until then i'll just talk about it.

also, if you're an avid reader of my little blog, i'd love it if you would do this quick survey for me. i have lots of things that i enjoy writing about or would like to write about, but i want to make sure my readers actually want to read about those things. so if you'll just follow this little link and fill out this quick survey, that'd be awesome. again, you can find that link here.

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