wednesday letter: selling my first camera

another wednesday, another wednesday letter. here's the run down of the last week for those who care:

(i had an entire blog post written out, then i went to change the format of the blog post & accidentally deleted it all. BAH. technology.)

on friday, we splurged for our date night & went and saw wonder woman. we splurged extra for luxury (hello. we NEVER sit in those seats unless it is tuesday because, $5 tuesday, friends.) seating and ended up in the VIP theater. THAT THEATER IS MAGIC. they give you a food menu??? and then they BRING YOU YOUR FOOD??? that's a life of luxury, my friends. it was awesome. like i said, we went and saw wonder woman. while it was good, it wasn't my favorite movie. i mean, i liked the message of women can do whatever they put their mind to. #girlpower but i didn't love the movie. i don't want to spoil it for those who haven't seen it, so if you disagree, message me. we can talk about it and i'll tell you why i didn't love it. but that luxury seating? i lovvvvvved that. if someone knows how to land me a sponsorship from megaplex, let me know. i mean, parker and i are always talking about $5 tuesdays and movies anyway, so we might as well be paid for it or at LEAST be in those pre-commercial commercials. (hahaha. just kiddin. kind of.) 

on saturday we drove to salina, utah for a wedding. it was the CUTEST backyard wedding & all of the bride & groom's favorite people were there so it was just absolutely perfect. stay tuned for that blog post to come soon!

on monday, i started the new portion of my job at janela bay-- shipping and inventory. GUYS. there is so much that goes on behind the scenes of small businesses. i am so impressed by literally every human that owns their own business. i've learned so much about business over the last year & gained so much respect for those that have made it work. and it makes me so pumped to continue with my own business!
completely off the topic of business but still on the topic of monday. i went to the gym on monday with the intention of swimming for my exercise. i made it two laps around the lazy river (i'm starting SLOW on getting back to the gym... i ran 3 miles last week, so my body is sore, give me a break) sorry, i digress. i made it two laps around the lazy river and then some kid pooped in the pool so they had to close it down. so much for that. i think i'll just stick to my tredmill because i've actually been enjoying it??? weird, i know.

yesterday parker and i both had work off. parker had work off because he was pretty sick. i just had a day off and it was AWESOME. i got so much done around our little neglected apartment. i did all the laundry, deep cleaned some things and even got to visit with a dear friend from college. it felt SO good to be able to give all of my attention to my home life because a lot of days, i don't have the energy or i'm working on other projects. busy is my middle name. (jk. it's leigh, but it could be.)  


photo by the incredible  Alice Cannon

photo by the incredible Alice Cannon

if you didn't see the facebook post or my instagram stories: i am selling my first DSLR + a few lenses! it's a Nikon D3100 (the camera body is about 4 years old) + the kit lens. then also a 50mm 1.8 lens (less than a year old) and a 35mm 1.8 lens (also less than a year old) all of the lenses are DX lenses so they work with the 3100 crop sensor! i'm more than happy to teach the person who buys it how to use it! :) i'm selling it as a bundle for $375!!! if you're interested, let me know-- you can email me at! :) this camera is an EXCELLENT starter camera!! i used it for all of last year & it was incredible. :)

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