wednesday letter: trying not to over-share

hello friends, 

currently, i am feeling unsure of what to share & what to keep to myself. especially in terms of infertility. i want to share all the things (okay, not all the things...) but i want to share a LOT of the things. but i also want to keep things personal & one day if we do get pregnant, i want to do a cute announcement! but i also feel like people care??? maybe not? i don't know. 

so here's what i've decided. i'll share when i feel the NEED to share & keep things back when i feel like that's important. there is so much that goes on with infertility stuff & it is so, so emotional (seriously, i'm a wreck like 75% of the time... maybe even 85%... okay, 95%...) and it's hard to not talk about it. but i also don't want to be one of those people that is CON.STANT.LYYYYYYY dragging everyone down with their "woe is me" attitude! especially because life is so darn good! sure, we're praying for a baby on the daily (so much so that i'm concerned that our prayers have become repetitious...) & that hasn't happened yet, but we have SO MUCH GOOD STUFF GOING ON! oh man. i wish i could tell you all of it. but again, some things need to just be celebrated on the inside & not with the rest of the world. & as always there are good days & bad days. but the good days make me so grateful when bad days come around. 

right now, i don't have much to update. hopefully sometime in the future, we will have more to share. but for now, this is it. sorry 'bout it friends. also, if you're actually interested in reading infertility updates, will you let me know? thanks. k. love you. bye. 

ALSO. before i forget!!! i am holding basic photography & editing classes on august 26, september 8 & september 16! you can find more information here.

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