wednesday letter: we're movin on

the last few weeks, we have been a little all over the place with everything. work, parker finished up school, registering & licensing parker's scooter, cleaning & moving into our new place (still in progress, but getting there & getting settled!). there's just a lot of exciting things happening around here!!

we had our first night in our new apartment on tuesday & it was a little weird. we spent the first 17 months of being married in our cute little basement apartment & it's pretty weird to be in a new place. i feel like it'll get better once we've been here for a little while & once all of our stuff is unpacked and in its place. we're still trying to figure out what goes where & how we (i) want everything to look. but it's all very exciting!!

when we decided to move, i asked parker if we could take a few pictures together in our old apartment for memory's sake. i want to remember the little basement apartment we lived in for the first 17 months of our marriage. that little (it's actually kind of big-- which is part of the reason we moved, we just don't need that much space) apartment holds so many happy memories. we hosted family & friend dinners there. we had so many visitors, played games, started and finished so many netflix shows (the office, parks and rec, this is us [i know, that's on hulu], gilmore girls, white collar, the great british baking show-- season 1, and so many more), we mourned the loss of vidangel, we bought our first mattress, we started a pie business, we exercised (for about two weeks), and so many more things. we grew closer together through trials and struggles. we learned (and are still learning) how to make the other happy & did our best to keep a happy home. i want to remember those sweet memories & blissful newlywed times. 

we decided to make taking pictures in our homes AFTER we move out a tradition because then the home has more significance to us. it's not just an empty home, it's a place where we lived, loved, and laughed. i'm excited to continue this tradition because even though we just moved, i know we will move again. (we just aren't the apartment complex dwelling type plus we have house goals, remember?) so stay tuned for those pictures because i'm hoping to be able to share them next week!!!

we owe a gigantic thank you to my mom and dad who drove all the way up to provo and moved all of our furniture while we were at work. aka, they did all of the hard stuff. they are the best parents in the world & i am so grateful for them and all they do for us. love you mom & dad!

and i owe a giant thank you to parker because yesterday (wednesday) i came home from work & he had arranged all of the furniture our front room & unpacked like five boxes. (which was basically all of them) he's such a sweetheart!!!

we got our own internet for the first time. so we are truly adults now. that's pretty crazy.

stay tuned for a little apartment tour. hopefully that post will be in the coming weeks, but we'll see!! i'm hoping to have everything settled in & unpacked by next wednesday. that means no procrastinating-- which i am very good at... but i also hate messes & feeling unorganized, so i think (i hope) that half of me will win out. 

these pictures are a few of the happy moments from this last week, according to my iphone camera gallery. life is happy, my friends.


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