wednesday letters: 10.12.2016

hey ________,

(i don't know what to call you-- my readers-- quite yet, so just fill in the blank with your name)

i took a poll last night about what everyone likes to read about the most and tbh, i was pretty surprised at the results. i was pretty flattered to hear that people actually want to hear about our little life and also a little taken back. 

so, i decided that every wednesday, i'll write a wednesday letter on my blog (i decided on wednesday because of this book by jason f. wright, which i highly recommend) with updates about our life. [i'm also pretty stoked about this because i'm HORRIBLE at writing in my journal these days, so this is a double bonus here.]

after deciding to write wednesday letters, i thought and thought and thought about what i actually had to update about because in all seriousness, our life hasn't changed very much over the last few months. we go to work, go to school, and then usually watch a little Parks and Recreation or Brooklyn 99, park plays some games, i have photo shoots or edit, and then it's time for a new day. 

and sometimes i feel like if i didn't take any pictures of what we did, then it doesn't really count. 

but that's not true. we do fun stuff all the time! we are at such a special stage of life where we don't have kids (yet) and so we can do a lot of really fun things. 

most of our fun things include going to sonic during happy hour OR right after happy hour to get wings. we love going on dates to the olive garden. don't tell parker i told you this, but we often dance in our tiny kitchen to this song. we go for drives up provo canyon on almost a weekly basis, just to enjoy the scenery. we buy and sell furniture and wedding dresses like nobody's business. (not any sort of business, we just have a lot of both things... weird, i know...) we like to have people over for dinner. we watch a lottttt of movies-- not because we're bored, but because we really enjoy watching movies. our most recent movie marathon has been the harry potter series and it has been so much fun. next up is the lord of the rings (because parker has been BEGGING me to watch them for well, as long as we've been together and i finally caved. haha) we play with our nieces and nephew (soon to be NEPHEWS!!) a lot and love that-- we like the whole, "you can give them back" stage that we are at. we eat a lot of pizza and lunchables. we plan a lot of trips (like NEW YORK in DECEMBER!!! and bunkerville, we like going down there) we love going to family dinner on sundays (that's one of my favorite parts of the week!) but mainly, we just do a lot of the same things that we love doing over and over again and i think sometimes it just becomes routine. and sometimes routine doesn't seem interesting to me because it's my every day life. but then i realize that not everyone does the same things as me and so my life is still exciting! plus, i can't even begin to tell you how many people i know that i wish i had more details of their lives because i think they are so interesting and i love seeing their updates!

last weekend (general conference weekend) we also had my family come up to visit. it was such a blast trying to squish everyone in our apartment. we did it and it was definitely cramped, but it was so fun to have everyone here for a few days! we got to meet our newest niece and see all of our other nieces-- which we loved. parker and #sweetgirl made some serious headway on their friendship over the weekend, so that was good. (turns out stickers and playing outside is a HUGE boost on the #sweetgirl scale) here are a few good moments from last weekend: 

these girls love pa! and pa loves them!!

great grandpa & great grandma got to meet the new baby too! this was the sweetest. great grandpa kept saying, "oh, she is so beautiful. yes, you are so beautiful. i love you so much!"

of course we HAD to pull out snapchat filters. this time they scared the beans out of Mina Bear, so i don't have any with her in them... she started BAWLING and then refused to come to me for about a half hour. hahahah

the kids love "uncle parkie" because he plays with them so much! ^^ this picture is my most favorite because he even plays dollies with them. (crying laughing emoji x 20000)

i really feel like the luckiest/most blessed girl in the world. as life brings its trials, i am grateful that i have these incredible people in my life to keep me going. this week, we have banks family pictures and parker's birthday (he turns the big 2-4 on friday!!!), and i am really excited for those things! catch ya next week!



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