wednesday letters: banks family photos 2018

you guyyyyyyyyys. if i could post every single photo, I WOULD. but that’s like 500 pictures so i’ll just show you my top 10 and then throughout the year i’ll share more. fair?

parker + sadie-6.jpg
parker + sadie-134.jpg
parker + sadie-256.jpg
parker + sadie-257.jpg
parker + sadie-277.jpg
parker + sadie-312.jpg
parker + sadie-337.jpg
parker + sadie-355.jpg
parker + sadie-506.jpg
parker + sadie-514.jpg

you guys. these are serious perfection. alice from aliceshootspeople is SO GOOD at what she does. and seriously, if you haven’t checked out her instagram yet, you need to go see all of her incredible photos because they always have me SWOONING. AND if you’re planning on eloping, having an intimate wedding OR adventurous wedding, EMAIL ALICE. she is such an incredible photographer and human.

my shirt is from: Eclair & Co
coziest minky blanket of all time is from: Fabric Center

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