wednesday letters: house hunting

before you come to the wrong conclusions: parker & i are not moving... yet...

now that we have that out of the way, i have to tell you about the most beautiful houses & apartments that i've ever laid eyes on. one of my very favorite activities is looking at real estate. i'm very interested in the way things are priced, the houses on the market & the differences between those things from city to city. i love looking at houses & seeing how i'd change them if i lived there (three main changes: add wood flooring & open shelving in the kitchen & paint the walls white or light grey). i'd love, love, love, love, lovvvvvvvvve to be able to buy a house in the nearish future, but today (or tomorrow) is not that day. so i have to settle for window shopping. 

because i can only dream for now, i thought it would be fun to share my "dream house" dream board. if you've met me (or read a few of my blog posts), you'll know that i'm currently very into the minimalist lifestyle. i love the idea of "less is more" (i'm sure my mom wishes i would have come to this realization when i still lived with her, but oh well.) i love that you can still have cozy spaces without feeling claustrophobic or crowded & that's what i hope to make my future home feel like. cozy & comfy, yet open & welcoming. 



i've saved about a billion pins on my + HOME RENOVATION + pinterest board if you're in need of some gorgeous home inspiration. but i've also been living vicariously through a few of my friends who have bought homes of their own & have shared the process or a DIY project or two. a few of my favorite posts i've read from my friends & other bloggers that i follow have been:

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small space living: tips for kids bedroom! - love taza (i love her blog!)
our new apartment living room reveal - love taza

about a month ago, we talked to our friend, jordan, who is a mortgage broker & he helped us set some goals for the future & helped us see a more clear path to reaching our goals. needless to say, this was very exciting for me because it gave me a realistic expectation as to what we could afford. working with jordan was so comfortable & easy. he is so down-to-earth & really knows his stuff. we can't wait to work with him again in a year or two when we're ready to buy our own place. but for those of you who are in the salt lake area + ready to blaze a new trail & buy a home, i highly recommend talking with jordan! he really knows his stuff & makes everything so easy to understand! here's a link to his facebook page and a link to his blog

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