wednesday letters: life update + CHRISTMAS MINIS

hiiiiiiiiiii friends!

it’s been a minute since i did my last wednesday letters. life has been a liiiittle bit crazy recently. we’ve (i’ve) been running around like chickens with our heads cut off. haha. just kidding. we’re doing fine. but i wanted to give a little life update because it seems like we’re always doing something new at the banks household.

so first things first, we’ve been in our new place for about 2 months now and we still LOVE it. it feels like home and it feels so, so right to be here. we absolutely adore our little home and have just loved having this space to call home. we also love our commute to work (you just can’t beat a 10 minute commute).

in other news. WORK LIFE. work is good. we work a lot, so it feels less good when we’re always working, but we feel very fortunate to be able to work together and see each other so much. i’m working a lot more with photography and have just about a shoot a day. my BIG goal is to go full-time in 2019 (for reals this time— i got nervous last time and got a job.) but i feel so, so ready. i’ve been working so insanely hard that i’m ready to just have one job for a while. hahaha. but really, i love that photography has become such an awesome opportunity for me. i have met some of my very best friends through photography, so i’m so stoked to be able to meet more people and work with honestly the most creative people ever. it’s insane how creative these people are.

home life. work life. church life. ah, yes. church life. a few posts ago, i shared that recently church has been a little difficult recently. but i’m determined for it to get better & we have met a few friends at church, so that helps me to be excited to go and excited to stay. (also, i feel like 2 hour church will make a BIG difference. prayers are answered, friends. and i’m serious about that. i have a post coming on this announcement soon.)

parker & i have both been sick the last two weeks and MAN. i always think of that meme that says, “having a sinus infection really makes you realize how much you take breathing out of both nostrils for granted.” and SERIOUSLY. it’d be nice if i could breathe through both of my nose holes. those were the good ole days.


last but certainly not least. there are only 76 more days until christmas!!! i’ve decided to open up my studio christmas minis to families (up to 4 people) this year, so if you need some adorable christmas pictures of you & your babies COME HANG OUT WITH ME. i seriously set up my tree this last week & i am IN THE CHRISTMAS MOOD. & if you’re like, awh man, sadie. i wish i could, but i just don’t think i can afford it. FRIEND, I DROPPED THE PRICE because EVERYONE deserves to have some of the christmas mini goodness in their life!!!! (p.s. if anyone knows anyone who would make a dope santa, pls. pls. PLS. reach out to me. i have this HUGE idea in the works and i just really want to make it happen.) but here’s the low down for the christmas minis:

october 27, 2018 - 3 slots available
november 10, 2018 - 8 slots available
november 17, 2018 - 14 slots available


look friends. i know that that SEEMS like a lot of slots available, but trust me when i say those slots will fill up fast. so if you want a slot, you’re gonna need to reach out to me via email ( or instagram DM (@sadie__banks) to get your name on that calendar.

the price of mini sessions is $50 for a 30 minute slot. you will receive 10-20 edited images. honestly, i cannot tell you how good of a deal this is. & honestly, after this year, prices won’t be this low again. so seriously, jump on this!

these sessions will take place in my house in saratoga springs, utah. because ain’t nobody got time for cryin kids because it’s too cold outside. (or a crying photographer) but trust me when i say the set up is so dang adorable.

at the time of booking + once you’ve paid, you’ll be sent a spreadsheet calendar (because that’s how my brain works) to choose your time slot. the day before your session, i will send a confirmation text with the time and address.

i seriously hope that you & your cutie babies will come get some christmas pictures (or at least your cutie babies) because everyone should have some cute christmas photos! again, if you want a slot, you’re gonna need to reach out to me via email ( or instagram DM (@sadie__banks) to get your name on the calendar!

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