wednesday letters: new house + $100 target gift card giveaway!

hiiiii friends!!

i've been pretty absent here on my blog because of a few exciting changes. you already know that we moved into a new town home a little over a week ago. things are still arriving, but i've got our home tour post scheduled for NEXT WEDNESDAY, so stay tuuuuuned. we've been unpacking & getting settled this last week & we have been loving our new place! it's been nothing short of amazing! 

i've been absent here because i got a promotion at work, which required me to really focus on learning new procedures and we were a little bit back-logged (still are a little bit, but i'm catching up!) and so i've been unable to do very much that isn't work related. but again, i'm catching up, so there's a little bit more wiggle room to work on some other things while working on my boost work. i was pretty stressed about the new job for a few days, but i'm feeling much better & things are moving along, so that's super good!

at the beginning of august, mozzie started puppy classes. each tuesday, we go to puppy class to help mozzie learn different commands and also to help us learn how puppies learn, so we can help moz be successful in his life with us. we've learned SO much & it has been SO fun to see mozzie learn new commands and really just become a better puppy. it's also been nice to be able to ask questions and get solid answers as to how to deal with all things puppy. he's been learning a few different commands like sit, lie down, stand, by my side, and come. we've also been working on potty training (which is going MUCH better now that we have a routine) and also biting. (one thing to note, if you're not a dog person: puppies bite a lot because they're teething. just like how babies gnaw on EVERYTHING when they're teething, that's how puppies are, they just have little demon teeth to begin with. so they're gnawing and biting on everything because their adult teeth are coming in. they don't bite because they're being mean. they're still learning the difference between play and not play.) if you want more info on puppy classes, i'll be writing a full blog post about them in the coming weeks, so get stoked for that! but if you have any questions about puppy classes, feel free to ask! i'd be happy to answer!


now, let's get to the TARGET GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY!!! i am so, so, so excited about this!! i made a goal at the start of Q3 that i wanted to get to 3,500 instagram followers. i know that may seem dumb to you, but it's important to me and it's important to my business as well as for good grief for me to grow on social as well as in my business! so for now, my focus is instagram. my BIG goal is to get to 10k, but my baby step goal for now is 3,500. it's attainable and reachable, but it's also a stretch for me. SOOOOO in order to grow, i decided to start doing some fun giveaways, starting with my $100 target gift card giveaway! to enter, go to this post on instagram, be sure you're following me & tag your friends! more tags = more entries!! because this giveaway is just me, your chances of winning are fairly high, so get taggin!

i honestly am so grateful for you people here. it means the world to me that you care to read my thoughts & feelings! and even more so that you support me in my dreams & big plans! you all really are the best! so thank you so much for being here!


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