Wednesday Letters: November 23, 2016


This week we had my little brother with us all week. It was a ton of fun but it also forced me to realize how much time I spend at home doing work stuff when a year ago Parker and I were out adventuring as soon as he got home from school. I'm grateful for both seasons of life. Actually, super grateful. But poor Clancy got bored once or twice. Luckily we got him hooked on



Parks and Rec

while he was here, so I really feel like it was a successful post-mission visit.

But to help Clancy not be bored we did a lot of fun things, like:

- we put up our Christmas tree

Photo Cred to Clancy. He should stick around. I like having pictures of me AND parker! ;)

- we went and saw

Keeping Up With The Joneses

(which was hilarious for the most part)

- we ate at our favorite establishments;

roll with it creamery


Panda Express

, got sodas from

Pop N Sweets




Krispy Kreme

, the Costco food court, and all of the other places I had been avoiding for the better part of the month

- we played games with friends.

- we played games without friends

- we found a new crepe place and it is SO good. it's called

The Roll Up Crepe


- we went to the BYU vs UMass football game.

- we took a tiny Leavitt Tour to Bridal Veil Falls ("and if you look out to your right, you'll see ________" ... go ahead and insert the space needle, the gateway arch in St. Louis, and the Statue of Liberty in that space because that's how my family rolls... it's cheaper that way... and then insert my sister crying at each of those things because she wanted to get out. it really is a fun tradition.)

- we did a photo shoot with clance. just because we could.

- we decorated our gingerbread house while watching How

The Grinch Stole Christmas

(with jim carrey. aka the better one), although clancy didn't help with that... he just quoted the grinch which was a better job for him...

- we saw

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

(soooooooo good!! kinda dark and scary though, just an fyi)

- we stayed up too late.

- we laughed a lot.

- and Parker and Clancy became friends. which was actually my whole plan for this little visit.

so bam. it was a good week. last night we were on our way to dinner with my mom and dad and clancy before we went to see

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

. my mom and dad had come up to visit my grandparents and my mom's little brother who is in town for thanksgiving (and us of course) and pick up Clancy. they were planning on heading back down last night but we had planned going out to dinner before our movie. so anyway, on the way to dinner and parker turned to me and said, "it's kind of weird not having clancy in the backseat." and then he made some joke about how I would need to play games with him from now on. uhh, no thanks.

but really, it was just so fun having my little brother here. we will miss clancy until his next visit.

tonight we have PIE NIGHT aka the best thanksgiving tradition in the world!!! the leavitt family is reaaaaaallly good at making pies. (that's a humble brag, I promise) my great grandma was seriously a pie making wizard. (i want to be just like her one day.) and she would make tons of pies, taught her children and grandchildren how to make tons of pies and well, we are just pie lovers. this became a problem when we would sit down and eat our delicious thanksgiving meal because once we finished all of the non-pie foods, we just didn't have room for the delicious pies that everyone made. so we invented (even if we didn't think of it first, i'm saying we did, so just don't fight me on this) pie night. every year on the Eve of Thanksgiving we stuff ourselves full of all of the delicious pies we can create. it's a wonderful tradition and i'll be real, i was sad i was going to miss it this year. BUT THEN THE LUND FAMILY CAME THROUGH. one day i told my mother-in-law of this beautiful tradition and she pitched it to her family and what do you know, we are having pie night tonight!! (RAISE THE ROOF! RAISE THE ROOF!) i can't hardly wait. but now i've gotta go because i have to get to the store so i can make my pies for tonight!!

peaces kids,


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