wednesday letters: october 19, 2016

hi you guys,

this week was a whole lot of awesome. (prep yourselves because i feel like this might be a regular phrase for these letters!) 

on monday, we had a lazy day, which never happens anymore, so we welcomed it with OPEN ARMS and relished in all of the happiness of doing absolutely nothing together. 

after at 10 hour work day, tuesday was pretty lazy as well, but i was able to do a quick Lightroom mentoring session with one of my very best friends from college, so that was a blast! we had a quick Lightroom lesson and then just chatted for a little while. 

on wednesday, my dad came up for a short visit to add another railing to my grandparents' front porch. so i got to go on a little lunch date with my dad to wendy's and then up to salt lake for a visit with my gram and grandpa. while there, i realized i missed my true calling in life as a graffiti artist. I helped my dad spray paint the railing after it was done and after almost spraying myself in the face, i was actually pretty stinking good at it. after we finished up at my grandmother's house, my dad & i headed back down to provo. we ordered Olive Garden to go (best invention) and then me, Parker, and my dad watched a few episodes of Brooklyn 99 while we ate our dinner. that was such a good way to end the night because there's nothing better than watching a funny show or movie with my dad; he always laughs and it's awesome.

i got this picture from my grandma. but look at that paint job. it literally glows. ;)

the day that i was second most excited, yet nervous for was thursday. we had banks family photos on thursday. i was so nervous all day because on Wednesday night i had a dream that we were late and didn't make it and we just didn't get to be in the pictures. i was so mad at parker in my dream because he was just like, "sadie, it's cool. my mom won't even be mad. plus we can just go take our own." when i woke up i was so relieved that we didn't miss it but a little stressed about being late. but good news, we were on time and got to be in the pictures & everything went without a hitch! i'm so excited to see how they turned out. 

friday was PARKER'S 24th BIRTHDAY! neither of us worked on friday, so we just got to spend the day together. parker played Xbox for a little while, we went to Olive Garden for lunch and then we just relaxed all day. it was parker's perfect birthday. we also listened to the BYU game through our windows-- it's a little hard to watch the games because there's a delay and you can hear the crowd cheering so you know what's going to happen before it happens on tv. so we just open a window and listen to the announcer and that works for us. i wrote a little blog post for his birthday, which you can read here.

on saturday morning, i needed to be in two places at once. one of my favorite shops was having a sale (the hardly ever have sales) so I really wanted to go to that, but i had a bridal session scheduled for the exact same time. so parker went up to draper to the warehouse sale while i went to my bridal session. we were successful in both things-- parker snagged a letterfolk board for me & the bridal session was simply gorgeous! parker and i met back up at our apartment and we prepared for the Lund Family Halloween party! we made my mom's rolls & made our costumes and then we went to the party! at the party we had the yummiest soups, visited with family, and did the cake walk. unfortunately, we didn't win. (grandpa lund CRUSHED everyone!) but it was so much fun, we had a BLAST. so thanks Jenn for putting that on again, we loved it. and huge thanks to my mother-in-law for the pictures! 

my goals for this week are to take more pictures so that i don't have to steal pictures from other people. hahaha. but really though! we have so many exciting things coming in the next few weeks, so i want to be sure to get photos of those things so i can remember them visually forever too! 

catch ya next week,


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