wednesday letters: parenting conferences + business conferences

this weekend we got to go visit family because my mom gave me & my sisters tickets to the simply on purpose parenting conference. & yep. i know what you're thinking-- "but sadie, you don't have kids? why did you go to a parenting conference?"

well here's what i learned: good parents treat their kids well but they also just treat people well. when we were at the conference, ralphie talked about treating your kids with kindness & like they are human & they will respond better. & i just kept thinking, "this is literally how to treat people." like for real, the people that i love working with & associating with are people who are KIND. 

i've started thinking a lot about my business-- how i want it to look, how i want people to feel when they work with me, how i can help their experience be positive, how i can benefit my family while working, etc. & as i've thought about those things, i keep referring back to that parenting conference. i just want to treat people with kindness so they want to work with me & feel happy when they work with me. 

but i've also felt a little lost in how to continue to grow my business, so my friend chelsie & i signed up for a workshop later in june that i just can't wait for!!! we're going to be going to alison faulkner's build an awesome brand workshop & i seriously can't wait. 

as for an update on parker, i just want to say that he is the very best. he works so hard for our little family & is so, so patient with me. i'm grateful that he is willing to work with my crazy schedule & tag along to shoots after work. (i'm also grateful to my awesome bloggers who give me extra treats to take home to him & always offer to let him come inside while we shoot-- even though he turns them down every time. hahaha) 

i'm feeling very blessed today & i am so excited for what's to come in the near future. there are so many exciting things coming & i feel so fortunate to live the life that i do. 

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