wednesday letters: the bag lady

i've been really into minimalism lately, like super into it-- selling/donating over half of our stuff & really trying to hone in on what we actually use. HOWEVER, i have always loved (& will always love) bags. big bags, little bags, backpacks, clutches, wallets. i love them all.


i've tried to continue my practice of "get rid of two before you buy one" but there are a few bags that i just love too much, so that's been hard for me. i recently splurged on the city pack backpack from freshly picked because my camera bag is just too bulky & doesn't have a space for my laptop. because i'm bringing my laptop with me basically everywhere i go these days, i didn't want it to get super beat up because there isn't a place for it in my backpack. plus, when i saw the city pack from freshly picked & saw that it was basically the perfect size (not diaper bag huge like most diaper bag backpacks) AND that it had drink pockets, i was basically sold. later, i found out that it also has a secret pocket in the back for your phone & wallet, which i think is SUPER nice because it's hidden, but also super easy access if you're needing something from that pocket. 


i'm also excited for this backpack because it's not super bulky. like i said before, that was one of my issues with my other camera bag. it was just WAY too bulky & was super inconvenient at shoots and basically any time we traveled. it didn't fit well anywhere and the pockets on the side and front were always falling open, which was VERY annoying. i was constantly worried that i would lose something important that i just stopped using those pockets.  


none of this post is sponsored, BUT i also have to tell you about freshly picked's new membership program-- the fringe. i'm usually not a fan of memberships or subscriptions because i don't feel as though i get my money's worth for most things (netflix & lightroom, i'm not talking about you. i definitely get my money's worth with you. couldn't live without ya!). BUT here's how the fringe is different: 
1. you ALWAYS get 20% off (AND during their 1/2 yearly sale, they let you STACK discounts, which is awesome). & honestly, i know what you're thinking, "20% off? that's it? that's not really a sale." BUT...
2. you ALWAYS get FREE shipping! which hello, who here has bought another item on amazon to get free shipping? (raise your hand, you know you've done it)
3. you get $10 store credit each month. you pay $10 to get $10 (PLUS 20% OFF & FREE SHIPPING) AND. AND. AND!!!! that $10 rolls over every month. so if you don't use it, for 3 months you'll have $30 of store credit! it's an easy way to save up for those cutie moccs or the snack pack... i mean the city pack! 
with the fringe, you also get early access to sales & product launches, which with freshly picked is a big deal because i'm here to say as a fringe member-- i shopped their half yearly sale as soon as it went live & they sold out of some stuff within minutes. i don't think i would have gotten the things that i did get if i wasn't a fringe member because some of the fringe members didn't even get what they wanted this time around even with the early access. so having that early access is a game changer.  


i'm super stoked to be in the fringe because i LOVE giving thoughtful gifts. it's one of my hobbies & something that i feel is important because i know that a well-thought gift can truly change the way people feel. being on our infertility journey, i feel very honored to be invited to friends' baby showers (sometimes i can't go because it is hard, but i still try to give a gift because i am happy for my dear friends who are having babies!!) & i love giving gifts that i know my friends will love, so being a fringe member allows me to save up store credit & buy quality moccs & mama gifts at a price that is doable. 


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