wednesday letters: THE WORLD IS UP FOR GRABS (hey! hey! hey!)

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i was at work the other day when it HIT me like a ton of bricks that procrastination is a REAL problem for me. (she says as she procrastinates work to write this...)

i want things to be PERFECT before i post them, share them, etc. i have these ideas in my head of how things should be and anything less is disappointing. GUYS. THAT IS AWFUL. and i know it. but let me share a few experiences before i tell you my plans to be better at this.

recently at work, i was working on an account. we had just done keyword research for this client and i sent the research to the client for approval. something important to note is that our keyword research team makes sure that the keywords presented have search volume, buyer intent & have a good probability of ranking on google within 3-6 months. (p.s. that is a typical time-frame for ranking with google. it takes a while) ANYWAY. i sent them to the client and the client responded back that he wanted to make sure that these keywords were perfect for their company at this time. 

but here’s the kicker: all of the keywords that were presented would have been beneficial for the client’s campaign. however, because they wanted to pick the most perfect keywords, we wasted precious SEO time and money waiting weeks upon weeks for them to approve keywords that had already been recommended and vetted as beneficial keywords. 

in a different light, but same idea: recently someone asked me how i had the courage to create good grief. i was taken back by this question because it didn’t feel courageous to create good grief. i just did it. i felt like it was needed & then i started working on it and it came together in, i think, two months. from start to holding a copy in my hands was two-ish months. i’m probably going to start working on some revisions for good grief because i have things i want to add in, but for the MOST part (basically the whole part), i am so incredibly happy with good grief. 

wanna know why? 

BECAUSE DONE IS FUN. (thanks to the alison show for that mantra) most of the time, we, as humans, want to be SO SURE that we are making the best choice possible that we miss out on all of the good or great choices along the way. we fixate on making the RIGHT choice that we don’t even make a choice. we let months go by before even starting & then by the time we start we sit and think, “why didn’t i do that sooner?” & for me the answer to that question is usually one thing: fear. 

but fear of what?

other people’s opinions?
that it will be hard?
it will take too much time?
that you won’t like it or will run out of excitement?
that you don’t know enough?
not having enough money?

ya’ll. fear is relative. think about it. who defines success? who defines what is and isn’t hard? who decides how much time is too much time? YOU DO.

you have control over all of these things! (except other peoples’ opinions, but you have to take them with a grain of salt anyway! they’ll give you those opinions whether or not you ask for them!) as a control freak, i love the fact that I get to define success and failure. i love that I get to decide whether or not i have enough time or money for something. but on a similar note, if something is truly important to you— you will find the time AND money to make it happen.

my brain works in power quotes so here are a few quotes that remind me to just DO whatever i feel the need to do. i hope they can help you too!

“see a need, fill a need.” - robots (yes, that movie from 2005-- this quote has actually shaped like my whole life if i'm being serious)

“if you feel called to do it, fre*cking do it!” - the alison show (edited for my mom)

“don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” - voltaire (thanks gretchin rubin for this one!)

“done is FUN.” - the alison show

“i feel glorious, glorious got a chance to start again. i was born for this, born for this. it’s who i am, how could i forget? ... THE WORLD IS UP FOR GRABS.” - glorious, macklemore

“insight is cute, but action is drop dead gorgeous.” - the alison show

friend, whether you’re scared to start living your dreams or to change jobs, to start a new business, have a baby— go for it. because you’ve totally got this! the world is totally up for grabs, so get out there & do what you feel called to do!!


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