wednesday letters: we're moving... again...


it seems like we're unpacking just to pack around these parts. we're never in one place for long, but we're sure that where we are is where we're supposed to be, so can you really argue with that? 

this move was so sudden & out of the blue. we were so surprised when one day we both just had this overwhelming feeling that it was time to move. we jumped on the feeling & started looking for our new place. when we came across a listing for our new home, we felt like we needed to jump at the opportunity. we called and set up a time to see it & had signed the papers to move in & put a deposit down within 48 hours. it was all too surreal & again, so unexpected. but we felt the pull & tried to listen. 

this move is so bittersweet. we are so, so sad to be leaving salt lake for now. (we'll be back, we both love salt lake & feel like we will probably end up there... knock on wood...) we have loved living with my sweet grandmother & feel honored & so blessed to have spent so much time with her. we've learned so much from living with her & we will always look back on the time we spent together with fondness. so thank you grandma for letting us share this time together. we sure love you! <3
we'll also miss our dear sweet ward. we could not have been blessed with a better ward than our salt lake ward. it felt so much like home to us & the people were truly the greatest. it's our goal (my goal) to make it back to that ward because it was so lovely.

we are incredibly excited to start our new adventure in our new TOWNHOME. (wuuut?) we're renting for now, but are keeping our goal to buy a home next year. (renting is another thing that really threw us for a loop, this was NOT in our plan, but alas, here we are) but again, we are SO excited! i'm absolutely stoked for the TWO CAR GARAGE. i tell everyone that it has a two car garage because i've wanted a garage ever since i moved to utah. there is literally nothing worse than scraping your car off on a cold winter morning... (shoveling might change my mind, but we'll see. i'll keep you posted.) we're also excited because our new house is currently literally 7 minutes away from our work (WITHOUT TAKING THE FREEWAY) & they're building a road that will make that commute 4 minutes. FOUR MINUTES, PEOPLE. you really can't beat that... 

i also legitimately CANNOT wait to do a home tour + share all of the furniture & decor that we're planning on buying/have already bought (thanks amazon prime day... i spent waaaaay too much money on that dang sale... oops) so STAY TUNED for those posts because a) i already have them drafted, i just need to get the pictures in them (gotta actually move in for that. hahahah) and b) i am already so in LOVE with our little home. it is absolutely perfect & will be an incredible place for us to live. i cannot even handle it. 

i honestly have so, so, so many feelings that i don't even think that i can even begin to express them all. i've already cried happy tears, sad tears, terrified tears & excited tears so there's that. but i seriously cannot wait for this new adventure. when chapter ends another one begins. here's to the next chapter. 


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