week 6. yikes.

Hello My Lovely Family,

This week was pretty great. Things have been kind of slow teaching/ finding wise, but we're trudging along and we're about to start some fun finding activities for the holidays. I'm pretty excited. We have the 12 Days of Christmas coming up, plus a bundle of "Secret Service" Projects we thought up. Using our own little brains. Because we're smarties. :)
We've been doing a whole heap of Christmas decorating.... for everyone else. hahaha. It's cool though. We wrapped our door with Christmas Wrap. (I think I told you this last week... but I don't remember. If I did, just pretend like I didn't) And we've been doing a lot of crafty stuffs to prepare for the 12 Days of Christmas.
.... Since I don't have much to report, I'll just tell you what the 12 Days of Christmas are, so you can help YOUR MISSIONARIES in your areas do the same. Because it's so much fun, plus it helps get daily contact. ANNNNNNNNNND your investigators can feel your supreme love for them. :)
So it goes: (oh, p.s. we're going backwards... starting from 12 and working our way down)  "On the ________ Day of Christmas my missionaries gave to me:"  12 songs worth humming. (We made a CD with our favorite Christmas songs) 11 New Traditions (some of our family tradition ideas) 10 pictures worth keeping (pictures of Christ-- we are using pass along cards and such) 9 gingerbread cookies (with scriptures about the birth of Christ) 8 ways to store it (food storage ideas) 7 thankful reasons (thank you cards--- because gratitude is so, so important!) 6 tales worth reading (Christmas stories to read and share) 5 Moooooovies (We put Mormon Messages onto DVDs) 4 Generations (pedigree charts-- clever, eh?) 3 Wise Men (Talks by the First Presidency about Christmas--- also clever. :)) 2 bags of Hugs (the Hershey kind of course, because who doesn't like Hugs??) Annnnd a Heartfelt Testimonyyyyyyyyyyy! 
Yeah. be proud. Sister Willmore and I came up with that all by ourselves. And then we involved the Elders and some of the Ward Members and now we have 9 families that we're going to be visiting every day starting on the 13th. I'm so excited. Plus we have our Ward Christmas party that we're having the Ward Members invite them to and so we're just fellowshipping, fellowshipping, fellowshipping. I love Christmas! 
And I love you all. Have a very Merry Week and a Happy New Day! :) Love, Sister Sadie Leavitt
P.S. Good luck with finals and everything-- college kids!! :) Go on a mission... then you don't have to worry about finals! boo yah!
The lakes are frozed. Do you know what that means? It's cold. Plus there's this nasty white stuff that keeps falling from the sky... It looks kind of like rain, but it's colder. And makes the air harder to breathe... We definitely don't have that back home! (Thank goodness!) (But actually from your emails it sounds like we're pretty close to getting that nasty stuff. Pray hard, friends!! Snow stinks!)
 Me and Derek. :) We were decorating the Christmas Tree... but actually, we were just eating popcorn.
Best. Sign. Ever. 

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