Week 8...

Dear Family,
Here we are at the start of week 8. Just crazy. I can't believe that this transfer is basically over. We had an awesome week here in Washington. Let me tell you ALL about it.
Monday: District P-Day. We played a lot of basketball and ate a lot of food. I feel like the elders are going to have to think of some new ideas with all of these sisters coming in... But it was way fun. I brought back the granny shot from third grade and it happens to be that I've still got the touch. It was way fun.
Tuesday: We had the best dinner appointment EVER. Seriously. I don't know that anyone will ever top this meal that we had. Are you ready? We had squirrel, frog legs, AND wild turkey breasts. Oh, and wild mushroom chips. It was possibly the coolest meal I've ever had. And strangely, it was kind of good. I didn't particularly like the frog legs. They had a fishy taste to them, but I think if you threw enough barbeque sauce on those bad boys, they would be deeeeelicious. seriously. The squirrel was pretty tough meat, but it was pretty good. And the wild turkey breasts were way good. I'd recommend those guys. The wild mushroom chips were pretty alright. You couldn't even taste the mushrooms because they were so chip-like. So not too shabby. It was an awesome meal. And I've got to hand it to Brother Gladwill for accepting my request to make that stuff. He's too cool.
Wednesday: oh. my. gosh. So we were out of miles, right? Right. So we had to bike to district meeting. And to district lunch. Let's just say that I wasn't the happiest of campers on the way to district lunch... especially because the Elders were tailgating me in their car. super rude. But it's whatevs. We're friends again. Then after district lunch, Chelsey came out with us and that was way awesome. She said she might want to go on a mission because sharing the gospel is fun. bam. she's the coolest.
Thursday: It was a pretty normal day. Minus the fact that I wanted to rip out the connecting cords to this kid's video games... but that's another story for another time.
Friday: okay, Friday was possibly the best day ever. Seriously. It was theeeeeee best. We had a Zone Service Day. Best. Idea. Ever. We got to go to the temple and work on the grounds. I got to break into some guy's car because he locked his keys inside. So they needed someone with "small hands and small arms." Well, I have small hands AND small arms. So I reached inside the window and unlocked that little guy. They were really grateful for my smallness. So I guess, thanks Mom and Dad for being smaller so I could help others. Then I got put in charge of taking pictures of the Zone doing some work. But me being me, I just took a bunch of selfies with everyone else. I plan on being in the Harvester about a zillion times. Sister Vilingia and I had quite an enjoyable time taking pictures with Elder Duke's camera. hahahahaha. good stuff. Then after the temple we got to go to the Mission Home for lunch! It was such a good time! Sister Morgan is hilarious. And it turns out, she knows Aunt Alexis's mom. Because the Morgans are from Farmington. And it also turns out that I am still good at peer pressuring people. I got two elders to eat over 15 cookies. But then after Elder Wickham (his name isn't Jack...) ate the cookies, he reminded me that he has some weird thing with sugars and carbs. So then I felt terrible. But it's all good. And Sister Morgan was in on it too. She was chanting, "20! 20! 20!" It was suuuper funny. Then after lunch we got to go to the Bishop's Storehouse and do some more service. I cleaned some doors. And some walls. And then I went and weeded a bit. And then I got to hose off the walk way. That was probably my favorite job. It reminded me of Grandpa Leavitt. Then we went home. It was a way good day.
Saturday: Oh. Saturday. We went to a wedding with the Elders. One of their investigators was getting married and they asked us to come and support him. So we did. It was happy, but it was sad because the pastor said "until death do you part" four times. And they were supposed to repeat it, so they just kept reminding themselves that their marriage doesn't last forever. I can't wait to get married in the temple where they never say, "until death do you part." But after the wedding it was just awkward. And we'll just leave it at that.
Sunday: We got to go to a parade because one of the members was bringing her nonmember friend and she wanted us to meet her in a non-churchy way. So that was a lot of fun. Pretty much all of the other churches had floats. It was very different.
Today: We have Zone P-day and we're going to play capture the flag against the South Zone. I'm super stoked.
I love you all. I love hearing your stories. and I love knowing that you are all doing well! You are all my very favorites. I miss you, but I'm not coming back any time soon. sorry, Charlie.  Iloveyou. Iloveyou. ILOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVEYOU! Sister Sadie Leavitt

...then about 10 minutes later we got another email from her...

Oh, I forgot the most important thing!
This week I had a really cool experience where the Spirit just testified to me that this Gospel and this Church are SO true. And I know that. I can't deny it. And I won't deny it. I am so grateful to be able to pray to my Heavenly Father and know that He is listening. I know that the answers to our prayers sometimes take time-- a lot of time-- but if we will keep praying with faith that Heavenly Father will answer them, we WILL get an answer. I know that. And I know that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet on the earth today. That Joseph Smith truly did see God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. And that I am a daughter of a loving Heavenly Father. Missionary work is the greatest. If you're thinking about going on a mission-- stop thinking and just do it. It will be the best decision you will make thus far in your life. I promise. I've never been happier. And I am so grateful to be where I am today. I love you all. This work is Heavenly Father's work. And it is wonderful.
P.S. Mom, I got your package. It was the best. The movie was awesome. I loved it. And I realized why that Forgotten Carols CD never worked in the car--- it's the DVD.... our bad. I LOVED the skirt. The pockets were so great. and it is just super cute. And the girl that worked at Brighton, totally know her. Her name is Erika. Her camp name was Africa. She was way cool.
okay. I love you. I'll send some pictures now.
Dinner on Tuesday

Dinner = Eaten

Brother Gladwill's huge gun. He let me hold it. It was neat.


Us at the wedding.

Me and Sister V. at the parade. Lookin' good. :)

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