week of fun November 25, 2013

Dear Family,

This week was pretty good. I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing well! It's crazy to think that Callie is home now and that Michael is coming home this week! That's super insane. It feels like they just left! But then I think about how long I've been out-- almost 11 months-- and I remember that they left waaaaaay before me. So it all makes sense. hahaha. 
Yesterday, I spoke in church. But here, you have to type out your talk and read it on the account of we have sign language interpreters. So you have to type out EVERYTHING. even your jokes. Which, I think makes them not as funny, but it's whatever. People still laughed. hahaha. But I talked on Using the Articles of Faith to Share the Gospel. It went quite well. Bishop Drake wanted me to sign my testimony, but we didn't have Sign Class this week and I didn't know some of the words I wanted to use, plus I got nervous, so I didn't. But I did end up signing at the YSA FHE again. So that was kind of neat.
We also had Zone Conference this week in Decatur. It was super fun. I like those things. Plus I like being around other missionaries. The Zone Conference was about "Expecting Miracles." Because we have a mission goal of 450 baptisms this year. Right now we're at approximately 383. So we DEFINITELY need some miracles to start happening to reach our goal. I'm excited though. We learned a lot of good stuffs at Zone Conference. I also learned that pet rocks are included in the whole, "Do not keep pets of any kind" rule. I was pretty bummed about that....
I can't really remember anything else from this week. I'm sure lots of other things happened, but nothing is really sticking out in my mind... Sorry. 
I love you all. I hope you all have a splendid week. Until next time. May the force be with you. Sister Sadie Leavitt

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