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this weekend me, my little broski, and my parents went up to Salt Lake!
my Momma and her sister and I went mission shopping!! and we got some sweeeeeeeet deals. (more on that later though. i plan on doing an entire post on that because it was sooooo awesome.)
then I went to my best pal Rachel's basketball game. that was fun. and they won. which made it even more fun. and then she bought me a cake for my birthday! and we ate cake and had a little party shin dig at her apartment. it was a good time.
thennnnn my other Aunt and my cousin Ivy came and picked me up and my aunt took us to the Pie Pizzeria. where Ivy and I met up with my wonderful cousin Elaine and her buddies. and we ate pizza. and it was good. (lots of pineapple makes for a delicious pizza) then Ivy had to go, because it was really super snowy and that was just easier. but after Ivy left we went sledding. because there was a bazillion inches of snow. and it was begging us to sled on it. so we did. first we sledded down this street... but that wasn't tickling our fancy as much as we would have liked, so we decided to go to this nearby park. and the sledding was awesome. so awesome that we fit 6 people on two discs. yeah. six people. it was awesome. then we were cold. so we went and had hot chocolate. it was the perfect ending to one awesome day.
oh, and BYU won. making the day that much better.
and then Sunday came. and Elaine, Rion and I went to Elaine's homeward because our friend Joel came home from his mission! And he was speaking! His talk was awesome. and it was fun for me because I knew a lot of people in that ward so it wasn't like i was just randomly there. it was fun. and I enjoyed it.
after church Elaine, Rion, Ivy and I went trick-or-treating to one of Elaine and Ivy's neighbors who still had halloween treats. it was awesome. Rion dressed up as a hipster (by borrowing my glasses and putting on this sweet straw hat. hahaha) and Ivy and I went as twins (I borrowed Ivy's other wheelchair. awesome, huh? we should have taken a picture, but we didn't)

overall though, it was a great weekend. see?

oh, I forgot to mention: if you have chosen to be awesome and follow my blog via email and you haven't gotten any of the emails... check your trash or spam. sometimes the email world doesn't know what is and isn't trash....

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