weekend warriors.

this weekend I got to hang out with my best friends- Rachel, Nikki, and Annie- and can I just say, I missed them so much. It is almost ridiculous how much I took for granted while I was in High School. Unfortunately, we never took a picture with Annie in it... but I love her just the same!

we tried Pinterest. we really did. 

fail. major fail.

cake in a jar?? 

yeah, they photo shopped the ones on Pinterest for sure.

"pretend like you're throwing it up.."

riding the ranger, for old time's sake. 

don't stand up?? nobody informed me of that rule.

THE SPOT... woah, that was four years ago...

"I'm a city girl now!! I HATE BUGS!"

super glued.

riding back to Salt Lake and Rexburg!

the car ride gets a little boring sometimes...

... so I take pictures... and Rachel CREEEEEEEEEEEEPS it in the back. side bustin??

Rachel: "Bring it in Parley..."
Parley: .............
I didn't realize how much I missed my friends until we started hanging out and catching up... man, we are hil.air.eee.ous. (pronunciation: hilarious) Those girls have been through my ups and downs and I love them to death!

But now that I'm back in Idaho for the summer, I've got some new memories to make! I'm stoked.

back in Idaho. 

When I got back, Cole came over to visit! we were excited.

P.S. Kellie... that post title was for you!

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