Hello my dear family!

First: to anybody whose birthday I might have forgotten: happy birthday!! I am usually pretty good at remembering on the day that it's your birthday, but when it comes to emailing, I just get so excited about everything and forget pretty much everything that I had planned to say. I kind of feel like it's like bearing your testimony in church-- you have all these ideas and then you get up to the stand and your mind goes completely blank and you just ramble for a little while. So sorry to all of those who I didn't mention! You are so great and I hope that the anniversary of your birth was spectacular. 
Second: it was SO good to talk to all of you! That was just what I needed! I was feeling a twinge homesick and I couldn't stop thinking about all of you. But then after we chatted I was just fine! And I feel much better! I am so happy that I got to see all of your smiling faces! And I'm super glad that you are all doing so well! I have to admit, I was kind of worried for a bit about some of you-- but you all seem to be doing so great! 
I don't have much to say this week because I talked to you yesterday, but I thought I would leave you with a hilarious quote from a kid in the ward who has some mental handicaps. He was talking to his mom on Saturday about not going to church. When she asked him why he didn't want to go he said, "Because all they're going to talk about is Jesus and women." 
bahahahahahahahahahaha. I love that kid. He's hilarious.
I love you all so much!  Sister Sadie Leavitt
P.S. I tried to send some pictures but this computer is hating right now, so I'll send them via snail mail... But I'll keep trying

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