when a stranger called...

Hello My Dears, Let me just start by saying how much I love all of you. :) I loved all of your emails and letters and such. However, I do think someone needs to proof read Benson's letters before they get sent. That kid makes me so trunky! This week's letter said, "I miss you so much. You should not have gone on a mission." hahahaha. I'm glad to know that someone misses me. ;) hahaha. Love that kid. This week was....... interesting. We had like a 75% day on Halloween because it is not safe for us to be out and about on holidays like Halloween and such. But Halloween ended up being the weirdest day ever. We got a zillion phone calls from this restricted number, so being smart, we didn't answer. Then we got a call from our Bishop and he told me that someone was frantically trying to get a hold of Sister Willmore-- I thought that maybe someone in her family had passed away or something. No. It was just this lady who would only talk to Sister Willmore and all she wanted was the Relief Society President's number. It was super weird. And she wouldn't tell us anything about herself or anything like that. It was way weird. But the calls stopped after we gave her Sister Dewitt's number. So that was good. I hit TEN MONTHS on Saturday. That's so weird. Family: We are REALLY on the downhill slide now. Especially since I'm getting transferred again-- they're making me the first Sister AP. I'm super nervous, but it'll all be good. just kidding. I'm staying in Jacksonville!! :) I'm so glad that I don't have to pack up and move again. Being transferred is the pitts. Especially when you like your area and the people and basically your life. We had dinner yesterday at Bishop and Sister Drake's house with a bunch of people and it was so much fun. And then we got to go Visiting Teaching with Sister Drake. I love that woman. She teaches me sign language. :) I can say a super basic prayer now! :) But I'm pretty fast at finger spelling. I love sign. :) I'm glad to hear that everything is going well. :) Ya'll should check out the Church's video called "To Turn the Hearts"! It's the Springfield Stake! And two of the families in it are in our ward! :) It's on Family History Work. And it's just amazing. Seriously the Church has gone above and beyond when it comes to genealogy. We've been learning about that more and more lately. The Spirit of Elijah is real! :) I love you all. I'm so happy you are well. Keep me posted. Heavenly Father loves you so much. And I know that with all my heart! Love, Sister Sadie Leavitt Pictures: I'm not going to describe them all because I honestly don't remember which ones I just chose. I just know that I need to describe the one with Sister Willmore and I. For Halloween we traded name tags and I went as the Junior Companion/New Missionary/Sister Willmore and she was the Senior Companion/me! :)

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