Where to Buy Minky Blankets for the Whole Family


You guys. I cannot stress how excited I am to share this secret with you. When I found this shop and they reached out to me to work together, I about died. Their blankets are seriously the BEST on the market and also have the very best prices.


When I think about minky blankets, I always think, well, that’s too expensive, I’m not even going to look to shop there. BUT THEN I FOUND FABRIC CENTER. Fabric Center is a family owned business for over 37 years. They’ve been selling minky blankets and fabric for over 15 years and they have a passion for creating beautiful handmade blankets at the highest quality for some of the lowest prices on the market.


YOU GUYS. I walked through their store a few weeks ago and I couldn’t. stop. touching. the. fabric. It was all SO soft. We’ve had our blanket from them for a few months, we’ve sent it through the wash a few times and it seriously feels exactly like how it felt when we first got it. STILL SO SOFT. We’re already looking into buying another one because Mozzie has claimed ours has his own and refuses to share it when he’s gotten even a piece of it.

Something else that I LOVE about Fabric Center is their sizing. Guys. We got the Adult Size and it fits over both of us comfortably BUT THEY HAVE AN EVEN BIGGER SIZE. I’m seriously blown away by it. I’ve got my eye on a grand and don’t be surprised when we have multiple grands in our house because they are so huge and cozy.


You ready for the BEST news of them all? I’ve partnered up with Fabric Center to give away one Throw Size Quilt to one person AND a $25 shop credit to another person! Head to THIS post on Instagram to see how to enter OR THIS post on Facebook!


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