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what happened to fall??

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Dear Cedar City,
I would just like to inform you of my very favorite season. The one you happened to skip this year. It's called Fall, or sometimes it is called Autumn. Either way you skipped it with this lovely snowfall you just presented to us this morning. That is not okay. I really like Fall. like REALLY like Fall. I don't know that we can be friends anymore. Especially because you just up and snowed. Not cool. I didn't even bring a warm jacket. All I have is a hoodie. And now I'm going to freeze because my work pants aren't even warm either and I only have short sleeve shirts. I think I would like to go back to my homeland of Bunkerville where it's still only 60 degrees.
A very cold Bunkerville girl.

P.S. in case you were wondering, Fall sometimes looks like this:

or sometimes this:

it should never look like this:

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missionaries. marriage. and college.

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It seems like everywhere around me there are missionaries. My Grandma and Grandpa Leavitt just left for the MTC today, Jordan [Leavitt] and Austin [Cook] both had their "last talk" today, Ben [Rebman] is already at the MTC, Tanner [Tichenor] has his "last talk" in a month, Jaron [Hughes] has his in two months, Michael [Leavitt] is almost done putting his papers in.  My brother, Parley, came home from his mission two months ago, Sawyer [Goff] just got home this week.  Missionaries. Missionaries. Missionaries.

Marriage. Oh, boy.  This has been a strange experience the last few months, I guess I just realized that I am growing up, my friends are going on missions, going to college, GETTING MARRIED!  My friend Cora [Houston, now Wilstead] just got married this last weekend. I was so excited for her! We really bonded in first period Child Development.  My other friend, Jessica [Sullivan, soon to be Baron] is getting married NEXT MONTH! We really bonded at Camp Ruth. (it changes lives... literally)
This is all so strange, but all so exciting at the same time!

College kids, there's a lot of them out there. But I feel like I know the coolest of the coolest.
I have friends all over.... the state of Utah... Okay, so I have some friends in Idaho and New York too!
My best friends all go to different schools. Rachel [Morris] goes to the University of Utah, Annie [Biasi] goes to Dixie, and Nikki [Hafen] goes to SUU.
Parley and Daniel [Gleave] go to BYU-I. Karli [Montague] goes to NYU. Carmina [Erickson] goes to Snow College. Lindsey [Sumpter] goes to Utah State. Katie [Smith] goes to University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
(If I didn't put you down, don't feel bad, I didn't forget you... well, maybe I did, but I don't mean anything by that. Or possibly, I just don't remember where you go to college.)


My friends are so spread out! It kind of makes me a little sad. But days like today, when we all come back home make me way happy!

I love you guys, and I don't know where I would be without great friends like you all!

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