How Good Grief Journals Came to Be

Sadie Banks & Co started because I had so many dreams and needed a way to combine them all into one place. I wrote on my blog as a coping mechanism. After finding out that many women needed an outlet during their infertility journeys, I created Good Grief - a prompt journal to help those enduring infertility. Writing was something that helped me come through the fog of depression and anxiety that infertility brought into my life.

In 2019, we launched our second version of Good Grief Journals; the Miscarriage Journey Journal for those who have experienced miscarriage. It is our goal and mission to help those in all seasons and trials of life to have a journal to help them cope. In 2020, we will be launching more journals specific to other types of grief and we could not be more excited!

It has become my mission and the mission of Sadie Banks & Co to help those enduring their trials to feel alive and to truly live through the hard stuff. I hope that as you read through my posts, follow along on Facebook and Instagram and use your Good Grief Journal that you'll find your way through the fog and learn to live through the hard stuff.