Guided Grief Journals

Our Story

Good Grief Journals began in 2018 when our creator, Sadie Banks, was in the trenches of her own Infertility Journey. She needed a guided outlet to help her through the emotions and hard experiences that her infertility journey brought into her life.

After interviewing over 100 women who had experienced infertility or who were experiencing infertility, she created a prompt journal specifically for working through infertility trauma and grief. Once it was created, she realized that if she needed a journal to help her sort through her infertility grief journey, others would probably need it too. And that's when the Infertility Journey Journal by Good Grief Journals was born.

A few months after Good Grief Journals was launched, it was made clear by customers and fans that more journals for other types of grief were needed. So in 2019, we set out to create more journals and we added 6 more journals to our shop. The Miscarriage Journey Journal, the IVF Journey Journal, the Pregnancy Journey Journal, the Motherhood Journey Journal, the Anxiety Journey Journal and the Grief Journey Journal.

Good Grief Journals were created to change lives. They were created to help people cope and work through the mental and emotion trials in life. We hope that as you use your Good Grief Journal, it will help you transform your grief into Good Grief; and that you will be able to use your grief as a force for good in your life.