Meet Sadie

hey, i'm sadie.

welcome to my little corner of the internet! i'm so glad you're here. i've loved creating things & writing since i was a little kid, so having a place on the internet where i can write & share the images that i get to create is one of my favorite things. i love to share my family life, tips & tricks that i've learned over the years, our journey with infertility & of course, my photography work. i hope you'll stay a while & that my blog can help you find the courage to live your dreams & help you through whatever you may be going through.

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i've written on my blog for the last six years! i have shared my college experience, my dating woes, newlywed life & now, our infertility journey. writing is my way of coping. it helps me navigate life & its ups + downs. i've always been a believer of living my dreams-- no matter what. whenever anyone asks my dad what he's been up to, his response is always, "livin the dream." i took that to heart one day & have since realized that even if life is hard, you can still live your dreams. i hope that as you read along, you'll feel like anything is possible & that you can live your best life, despite your trials. 

good grief

throughout my infertility journey, i SEARCHED for a journal that would help me cope through the emotions, experiences and hard questions that infertility posed in my life. after two years of searching and not being able to find what i was looking for, i created Good Grief - prompt journals for those enduring infertility. in 2019, we launched our Miscarriage Journey Journal. Good Grief changed my infertility journey and has helped over 100 women through their journeys too.