Sadie's Infertility Journey

Our Infertility Journey

This is a quick overview of our own personal infertility journey! To follow along on a daily basis, read our blog or follow @sadie__banks on instagram!

Our Diagnosis

We were diagnosed with Infertility in March of 2017. I (Sadie) was later diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) in July of 2017. And then Unexplained Infertility in 2019.

Infertility Treatments

We have undergone several rounds of Infertility Treatments. We began with Timed Intercourse, then we moved to IUI and we began our first round of IVF in March of 2019.

Our Infertility Community

Since beginning our infertility journey back in 2017, (well, 2016 if you count when we started trying to have babies) it has been so important to us to have a community of people to help lift us up and for us to help lift others up in return. I started sharing more of our journey on my instagram account @sadie__banks and we now have over 6,000 members of our community. We’d love for you to join us there— whether you are TTC yourself or learning how to support someone you love who is TTC (trying to conceive), you are welcome & we would love to have you!